Dark Effects Of Taking Excess Milk

Excess milk

– Dangers of taking too much of milk.

– Why you need to take milk in its adequate proportion.

Milk is one of the dairy products that is highly nutritious and beneficial to the health. It is a form of protein that is rich in its contents.

Aside from the delicious and nourishing taste of milk, when we gulp it down our throat, it gives us a lot of satisfaction when we take.

However, milk, if taken excessively can be dangerous to the health. As we all know that excess of anything is bad, whatever we do in excess will definitely have effects on the body.

Some of the side effects of excess milk intake include;

1. Milk, when taken excessively can cause stomach upset.

2. It can affect iron in the body. Milk affects iron absorption and reduces the effectiveness of iron supplements. When an individual is deficient in iron, such a person is likely to develop anemia.

3. It also leads to weight gain, you are adding excess calories to your diet that could lead to obesity.

Why you shouldn’t take too much milk.

4. Despite the fact that most dairy products contain calcium, they are highly acidic. Milk is not an exception, it is rich in natural acids. Excessive consumption of milk does not keep the bones strong as people often think, rather it causes bone fractures as well as broken bones.

The natural acids present in milk cause calcium deposits to build up and potentially cause arthritis and chronic inflammation.

5. It also causes chronic digestive troubles. These unexpected troubles are due to lactose intolerance and they come in from of abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Dangers of overdoing milk intake.

6. Also, when we take excess milk, we are exposing the body to the risks of cancer. It can cause breast cancer, testicular cancer, colon cancer as well as prostate cancer.

7. People who are fond of taking excess milk also have doubled risk of death and cardiovascular disease.

It is however important that we do things in moderation. Excess of a thing is bad, watch your diet and stay healthy.