Yogurt , Milk And Ice Cream; Their Benefits


– What are the reasons to drink yogurt?

– What are the benefits of yogurt compared to milk?

When we talk of yogurt and ice cream, they rank highest in the most consumed dairy products in the world. Although we have other dairy products that are enjoying popular acceptance and a high rate of consumption such as eggs, we cannot compare it to the above products.

Both milk and yogurt are dairy products and as dairy products, they contain nutrients and vitamins that are essential for body growth. Also, they are good sources of protein.

Aside from the fact that they are rich sources of protein, milk and yogurt are also rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. They improve body health in a variety of ways and they protect the body from diseases and degeneration.

However, when we place these dairy products side by side, one has an edge over the other. For instance, yogurt is healthier the ice cream in the sense that it contains pure milk, unlike ice cream that contains heavy cream.

Dairy products.

Also, for someone that is particular about weight management, choosing yogurt might be better. This is because yogurt contains lesser calories than ice cream.

Therefore, intake of ice cream tends to increase weight gain, unlike yogurt. Yogurt also contains lesser calories unlike ice cream, this contributes to yogurt being healthier than ice cream. This is because the higher the calories you take, the higher you are at the risk of developing certain diseases.

Sugar content is another factor that contributes to weight gain, yogurt has lower sugar content than ice cream.

Moreover, obesity or excess weight gain leads to one developing cardiovascular diseases and some other ailments that threaten the health.

Despite their varying components, both yogurt and ice cream are amazing dairy products. They contain essential nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin B 12, etc.