4 breakfast foods for that would help you gain weight

4 breakfast foods for  that would help you gain weight


You will need at least 5000k calories per day on average before you start to see weight gain. You will remain skinny for anything less. You can eat by spreading your calories into as many meals as you can. That is why building the habit of eating breakfast is important to gain weight.

If you want to gain weight, you must eat more than what you are eating now. But if you are skinny and struggle to gain weight, you come to know that eating more can be hard. You may feel like chucking up every time you try to eat more. Luckily there is an easy, cheap and fast way to gain weight naturally with Breakfast Recipes for Weight Gain at home. Here are the top 5 breakfast foods for weight gain.


Bread is the best breakfast food for weight gain cause bread grain causes less fat gains than weight. Eat dense breads like whole wheat, rye, oat bran and pumpernickel. Eat a banana or apple with it and then drink some whole milk after. Use bellow ingredients to making your sandwich with bread.

Whole Milk

Liquid calories digest quicker than solid ones. A liter whole milk contains 600k calories. Drink 1 liter whole milk after your breakfast meal daily so that it can helps to gain weight without fat. Drinking whole milk is the key to weight gain. You’ll never be skinny again.


Whole eggs are fine because dietary cholesterol does not influence blood cholesterol. Remove the yolk if you do not believe this. But realize you are throwing away half the vitamins and half the protein. Omelets are the regular Breakfast Recipes for Weight Gain. Some ideas of making best Omelets are

Go out and start trying some Spanish Omelets. Cook with double portions potatoes and eat half post workout. Use this for your breakfast omelet. Having Omelets in the breakfast will help you gain your weight.

Weight Gain Shakes

This is another best breakfast food for weight gain. Liquid meals are easy to get in and digest faster than solid ones. They also take less time to get ready. Avoid weight gainers that they often have added sugars. It is recommended to make your own shakes. Best weight Gain Shakes ingredients are Bananas, apples, Olive oil, flax seeds, natural peanut butter, Fruit juice (without added sugars), Rolled or quick oats, Whole milk, plain fat free yogurt


Research has it that oatmeal will give 400k cal per 100g. Rolled oats are highly recommended. Also quick oats are fine too, but tastes like sand. Mix with one or more of the ingredients below and heat it. Then top with cinnamon. Natural peanut butter, milk especially whole milk, nuts like Almonds, cashews, walnuts, cottage Cheese or quark cheese or plain yogurt and Tuna, fruits like, bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, Dried Fruits like Raisins, dates, prunes, apricots.

Muesli and Granola are best alternatives to oatmeal since they contain similar amount of calories. Make sure you buy them without added sugars. The more they come into their raw form it is the better. You will avoid fat gains. This is the best Breakfast Recipes for Weight Gain. Take this as breakfast daily and see the noticeable weight gain.