8 Signs of Wrong Relationship

8 Signs of Wrong Relationship
8 Signs of Wrong Relationship

Sometimes the end of a relationship doesn’t come as a big explosion. One day you wake up and you realize the last 6 months, few years or even longer have been an uphill battle. And you’re no longer willing to fight for it. Before making the big decision to cut your losses, take a look at these 10 subtle signs your relationship just isn’t working.

1. Friends and family

Mr. Wrong doesn’t make an effort to get along with your friends and family. He doesn’t care to join you on double dates or group outings. And he chooses to skip special occasions and holiday gatherings. The people that are important to you are just not that important to him.

2. Quality time

You need to reconsider your relationship status if your guy has stopped spending quality time with you. Maybe he comes over after a long night out with the guys to crash and shower. Maybe he’s still interested in being intimate. But what little alone time you have is spent around each other instead of with each other.

3. General disinterest

“How are you?” and “What are you up to?” may not seem deep, but can speak volumes when left unsaid. If he doesn’t ask how you’re doing, what’s going on with you, or especially how you’re feeling, he’s just not interested in your life anymore. And he’s no longer the guy for you.

4. Silent treatment

If you and your beau can no longer hold basic conversations, your union is in trouble. Again, it sounds trite, but saying “hi” and “bye” and finding out what’s going on in the other’s day or life is nourishing to a relationship. Without it, it starts to die.

5. Unsupported

If your friends and family feel like there is someone better out there for you, they’re giving you feedback you can’t see for yourself. There is something they don’t like about the way you and your partner get alone, treat each other or bring out in the other. If you don’t have support from the people you love and respect the most, and you normally trust their judgment, they might be on to something.

6. Wandering eyes

If you or your lover often find yourselves attracted to other people, there’s something you’re searching for that your other half doesn’t have. You may even feel a sense of connection during simple conversations or chance meetings with another. If either of you can’t seem to keep your attention squarely within the relationship, there’s been a loss of focus that may not be recovered.

7. Easy street

You’re not with the right guy if he feels like he doesn’t need to put any work into the relationship. Once coasting (not ghosting) kicks in, it’s hard to kick a lazy mate into gear and get him back to his hardworking self. Especially if you’ve allowed him to sit back and take a breather.

It can be hard to make strict decisions with uncertain feelings. But if your relationship has hit a bump that is turning into a wall, it may be time to jump ship before it goes under. All of these signs together paint a pretty grim picture. So unless he’s willing to admit he’s not pulling his weight and commits to making changes, this is no longer the relationship for you.