Guys! 5 signs she won’t make a good wife

signs she won’t make a good wifeunhappy lifestyle Fighting-couple Guys! 5 signs she won't make a good wife

1. She’s Commitment-Phobic

If your girlfriend tends to get cold feet even with the thought of marriage, then it is the firstsign that she might not be the best person for the role.

Given that you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period of time, the right woman should be ecstatic at the prospect of waking up next to you for the rest of your life. If she feels otherwise, then you might have a potential problem there.

Speaking beyond marriage, if your partner is rather flighty and indecisive about her other commitments like appointments and haircuts, you should take this as a cautionary tale for the future.

2. She’s Jealous

While it is cute to feel possessive about your partner, if the jealousy starts getting in the way of how you live, it is another telling sign overshadowing your concept of happy endings.

Girlfriends who call you every other second to enquire about your whereabouts, who you’re with and what not, might become worse post-marriage.

If you constantly have to reassure your love to her, then the relationship might not be worth the long haul. While one understands that it is natural to be insecure, rampant insecurity, only tells upon the future prospects.

3. Differing s*x Drives

While every man dreams of having a sexually feisty partner for a wife, sometimes things don’t always work out that way. If your girlfriend doesn’t match up to your sexual drive, chances are that after marriage this will become a potential problem.

As much as the naysayers shake their cudgels against it, but sexual satisfaction is food to a marriage. Without optimum ‘food’, the marriage will not survive.

4. She’s Disapproving of Your Friends and Relatives

If your girlfriend tries to cut you off from your family and friends, chances are that her behaviour might worsen manifold after marriage.

The right partner should be able to accept you with all of your friends and family, no matter how annoying or tyrannical they might be.

5. She Wants to Change You

If your girlfriend is constantly nit-picking about your appearance, your characteristics and mannerisms, she will not keep her habits from its full blown manifestation, post-marriage.

The ideal partner should be able to love you in entirety and care for you no matter what you look or act like. If her fixation to change everything about you is apparently annoying now, then it will become more so after marriage.

It is better to test the waters before taking a plunge, rather than diving headlong and regretting it later. With these signs, you’ll be able to judge if your beloved girlfriend is marriage-material or not.

Source: YNaija