5 Snacks That Are Good To Take At Night

Taking any meal from 7 p.m has been known to be a bad diet habit because it helps you gain fat. Losing weight most times has more to do with the time you eat than what you eat. Consuming snacks healthfully can help you maintain a good health. Eating the right foods at night can help build muscle while you’re asleep. Eating low- glycemic carbs at night also helps to regulate your sugar level till the next day and even helps control your appetite.These 5 snacks listed below will no doubt help you to stick to your diet plan more firmly, here are those 5 snacks that are ok to eat at night:


1. Chocolate


For most people that are attempting to reduce body fat, chocolate is often
dreaded and seen as an abomination.However, dark chocolate lacks the added sugar contained in traditional chocolate and in turn provides you an antioxidant punch that has been shown to lower blood pressure, fight off inflammation, improve the sensitivity of insulin, and also improves your mood.


2. Milkshake


With the right proportion of protein, creamy milkshakes can be made without
excess calories and fat. This is how to go about it; add casein protein powder or a milk protein powder blend, which contains casein and whey. These properties cause it to act more as a thickener.






Casein which contains anti-catabolic properties helps prevent excessive muscle breakdown after an intense workout. This nutrient-filled milkshake contains about 40 grams of protein.


3.Pumpkin Seeds


The main purpose of taking snacks at night is to fulfill the crave to eat
and at the same time relax your body for a good night rest which might seem
impossible. Roasted pumpkin seed is highly good for this purpose as one
serving of pumpkin seeds contains almost 50 percent of the recommended
intake of magnesium. Magnesium as an essential mineral is used in more than 300 reactions in the body and it also helps the body to relax. It is highly
relevant at night.


4. Honey and warm milk

Milk and honey

Warm milk helps you to sleep through the night more peaceful and calming. It
is however noteworthy that despite the effectiveness of warm milk in aiding
sleep and relaxation, the effect can be even more psychological. The
tryptophan in milk can increase serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Also,
adding honey to warm milk will boost the sugar level of your snack slightly
and this extra sugar is easily digested and can stimulate hormones, making
the warm milk assist in sleep efforts physiologically and psychologically.


5. Almonds


Nuts have been particularly tagged as a bad snack for weight loss as a
result of their high-fat content. However, studies have found that people
who ate almonds lose as much weight compared with people who abstain from eating almonds. Also, people who eat almonds have experienced greater
improvements in their cholesterol and triglycerides, two major cardiovascular risk factor.