How To Grill And Season Chicken

-Steps to Grill Chicken

-Grilling and Seasoning Chicken

Usually, chicken is used in many homes as a recipe, especially for rice and stew. It can also be taken as snacks with chilled drink or juice. It is not necessary to use all the stock cubes and spices to season chicken, these excessive seasoning can cause your chicken to lose its natural taste.

Cut Chicken

To grill and season chicken here are the main ingredients:

1. Chicken ( the whole female chicken, preferably)
2. Salt
3. Thyme
4. Onions
5. Stock cubes


1. Cut the whole chicken into smaller sizes of your choice. The meat seller can help you with it.

2. Place the cut pieces of chicken in a pot, add diced onions, stock cubes, and thyme.

3. Pour enough water to the level of the content in the pot, then place it on fire.

4. The chicken due to its toughness needs enough time to be well-cooked. Also, you should be careful so it doesn’t get too soft.

5. When the chicken becomes soft enough, add salt. Adding salt at this stage is better because putting salt initially will toughen the chicken and thereby spending more time on fire.

6. Sieve the boiled chicken and allow it to drain.

7. Place the pieces of chicken on an oven rack and put it close to the grill.

8. Switch the oven to grill and let the chicken grill.

9. Turn the pieces of chicken to the opposite side, when a part of it has become brown.

10. Grill all sides of the chicken.

Grilled chicken and sweet chili peach glaze

You can use a grill pan if you don’t have an outdoor grill. When ready to serve, it can be served with any type of salad or other side dishes.

In conclusion, grilled chicken will be perfect for summer meetings or backyard BBQs. BBQ chicken can be taken with sweet chili-peach glaze or with avocado crema, or any other thing you decide on.