13 Foods That Are Making You Gain Unnecessary Weight

13 Foods That Are Making You Gain Unnecessary Weight

13 Foods That Are Making You Gain Unnecessary Weight

Food is the most important of all the reasons why people gain unnecessary weight. The foods listed below might be healthy but they also make you fat, which is not good for the body.


Added sugars and lots of fat make yogurt one of the worst breakfast foods. And all that hype about the good probiotics? This study shows that there’s really no benefit.

Whole wheat products

Whole wheat is naturally bitter, so whole wheat products usually have a lot of added sugar. You should also be careful of products that are “multigrain,” which may not include the whole wheat portions.

Salads Dressing

Obviously, it’s not the greens themselves that are the problem. The problem is all the add-ons: the dressing, the croutons, the salty sunflower seeds, etc.

Energy bars

They are disguised as healthy snacks because they’re associated with working out, but don’t be fooled. One little bar can have over 350 calories, which come from high-fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additions.

Dried fruit

Fruit naturally has a lot of fiber and vitamins, but dried fruit usually has a lot of added sugar. Also, the drying process reducesthe Vitamin C levels in the fruit.

Sports drinks

The levels of sodium and sugar in sports drinks are so high that they can damage your insulin sensitivity.

Protein powder

Too much protein can damage your liver and kidneys. Besides, protein is more easily digested when it comes in natural forms like tofu, legumes and flaxseed.

Diet soda

It saves you the calories, but it’s not proven to make you lose weight. In fact, it’s associated with a higher risk of diabetes.

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