5 Self-Medications You Should Be Careful Off

5 Self-Medications You Should Be Careful OffSelf-Medications You Should Be Careful Off

We all know well that self-medication is not indicated and can lead to serious problems and even death. However, it is very common, especially in cases of simple and common aches and pains.

Because of this, we end up accumulating some drugs in our private pharmacy in the house and when the pain attacks we resort to them to heal and solve the problem soon without having to seek medical help.

What we do not know is that many of these medicines that save us from pain and going to the offices can also complicate our problem and lead to death, it is no wonder that drugs are called drugs!

You probably have these medications right there in your house and you need to know the danger they have before you swallow them one more time.

1. Vitamins
They seem so harmless and not dangerous, but they can – if not guided by a doctor – kill! That’s right, studies show that vitamins may increase the risk of mortality.

You should only take vitamins if they are prescribed by your doctor. If you think your body needs more vitamins, talk to it so that after some tests it can tell you the correct use.

2. Dipyrone
Almost everyone has dipyrone at home, especially for those who have children. It is an analgesic, antipyretic highly recommended even by pediatricians, but it is already known that it can contribute to the emergence of a potentially fatal disease.

Even in some countries the use of dipyrone sodium is already prohibited.

3. Acetyl Salicylic Acid

Another quite common and widely used drug for those headaches, simple pains or to prevent heart attack, acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin, for example) is no longer the good guy and entered the list of villains.

According to the website Pediatrics for Parents, if used in excess, aspirin can affect the main organs, causing great damage. Aspirin disrupts cellular metabolism and affects the nervous system. It also affects the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Overdose can cause respiratory failure, heart failure, kidney failure, coma, seizures and death.

4. Paracetamol
An analgesic used to lower fever and relieve pain, common use in adults and children, but that if used in excess can lead to serious health damage.

Overdose of paracetamol greatly affects the kidneys, the first cause of death by acetaminophen is liver failure.

5. Antibiotics
Antibiotics are prescribed to fight infections and should only be used after the medical appointment and for the prescribed period, nothing more. This whole care is because they work as a poison to eliminate the bacteria that cause infections.

According to the CNN website the constant use of antibiotics decreases resistance to infections.

The misuse of antibiotics causes the bacteria to become immune to its effect and mutate, influencing the cure of diseases.

6. Anti-inflammatory drugs
The indiscriminate use of anti-inflammatories can harm health and lead to unwanted side effects. Just like painkillers they should only be consumed after careful medical evaluation, since their improper use can harm several organs.

Never take medicines without your doctor’s knowledge, instead of relieving their symptoms they can greatly harm your picture and aggravate them deeply.