4 Simple reasons why God is not answering your prayers

“Give me the answers and all the reasons to why things happen to me, God. I need to know.”

4 Simple reasons why God is not answering your prayers

We all know that every individual has a purpose in the grand scheme of life. They experience joy, fear and disappointment to learn and grow for future life events. Individuals pray for guidance and direction in life and carry a strong faith that God will hear and answer their pleas… But what happens when you feel like your prayers are ignored? What happens when you feel like God has forgotten you and your needs?

Many individuals have resolute stories of answered prayers and miracles sent from heaven that move us to tears and strengthen our faith. But one can argue that for every one of those eye opening answers to prayers, there are hundreds of prayers that seem to fall flat and are forgotten.

It’s not surprising and definitely not uncommon to hear someone say God has completely ignored their prayers. In a more intellectual and practical society, people fail to understand that sometimes no response is the right response. Although we would prefer to have God answer our prayers the way we need him to, we must recognize that his answer and response will be delivered at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Answers come in many forms, below are four reasons God might not have answered your prayers the way you expected:

You cower in the silence

God knows the appropriate time and place to answer your prayers. His timing is perfect and is not rushed. Sometimes silence is the best teacher. In the quiet moments spent waiting for your response, some of the most profound lessons you didn’t even know you needed to learn are taught. Trust in his divine plan and have faith every aspect and event in your life is working towards a grand purpose.

Trust in God and his love; it will guide you and provide you with the peace you need to face each and every day.

Make yourself unavailable

You are connected through social media, work emails, personal emails, religious organizations, community involvement and neighborhoods. With smartphones, social media and new technology we are constantly connected to the world-but are we constantly connected to God?

God responds to our prayers in multiple ways; all we have to do is be willing to listen. Be available. We must be open to the guidance from God more than just one hour on Sunday morning. We must approach prayer with a true intent to listen and receive guidance. Do not screen God’s call because you are unavailable and lost in the world.

You reject his response

Not getting one million dollars when we pray for it is easy to swallow, but not receiving health in time of need is hard to comprehend. In moments where accepting the reality of God’s answer are the toughest, we must take a step back and try to view the situation in a new perspective. Trust and faith that his answer will help you understand what life has in store for you.

His answer is not your answer

Strong-willed human beings are set in their ways with little to no room to compromise. Too often we desire the things that are bad for us or things that will ultimately lead us from where we are supposed to go. God recognizes the harms that will occur if we obtain our earthly desires. Sometimes, because he loves us, he withholds things we would like most.

We must truly believe God has our best interest at heart; we must fall back on the simple prayer, “not my will, but yours be done.”