4 Reasons Why You Should Try Open Relationship

Open RelationshipBelievers Couple

1. Accountability:

When you make your relationship ‘open’ to important people in your life like your pastor, mentor, parents and destiny friends, it automatically make you accountable. These people in your life will always ask about your relationship just to know if you are doing well. And as often as they do this, you begin to do things that will make your relationship work because you know they will ask you about it.
Another thing you get from this is that you also know important people in your partner’s life that you can quickly report to should in case there is any issue that you are finding difficult to resolve. The truth is, to succeed in anything you are doing, you need an accountable partner who will help you and encourage you. Making your relationship ‘open’ gives you the opportunity to be accountable.

2. Commitment:

Knowing that you are accountable to somebody makes you to remain committed to the relationship. Even if things go wrong, you try your possible best to ensure that you resolve the issues on time. You become more committed to the relationship because you know people are watching you and you can’t afford to fail. You will want to prove to people that you are responsible not because you want to please them as it were but just to maintain your reputation which is helping your relationship all the way. Your commitment level increases when your relationship is ‘open’.

3. Godly counsel:

As you become accountable to your pastor and mentors, you will be ‘open’ to Godly counsel on how to make your relationship last and how to maintain a pure relationship. I have enjoyed this a lot. The truth is you become safe in the multitude of counsels. They will open your eyes to some bad character of your partner that you can’t see which can be dangerous to your being together, they will also help you look beyond the present circumstances of your partner and see the great future ahead. They will be able to share with you personal experiences that will help your relationship and even as you prepare for marriage. Another thing you enjoy is their intercession. They will continue to pray for you and your partner and you will just be enjoying the results of their prayers.

4. Security:

Let me first say that God is the only one who can secure you in the relationship. You won’t be scared of being jilted when you surrender your relationship to God. Also, making your relationship ‘open’ can give you some level of security in the relationship. Your partner won’t want to cheat on you or just break the relationship for no reason because he or she knows people are aware and they will ask why and also give him or her good advice. But a secret relationship can break up anytime without any body to report to. So ensure you make your relationship ‘open’.

Source: Family Parliament Forum