Ladies, 6 Reasons You Remain Fat

Reasons You Remain Fatlifestyle fat lady

Inconsistent diet plan
Burning of fat requires consistency in consumption of diet with low calories be it carbohydrates, fats or proteins. It is perfect to stick to prescribed healthy diet that tends to promote loss of fat. Most people that are on the mission of off loading fat do follow strictly their new diet plan but on seeing some palatable meal they abscond the healthy nutritional regime and take such meal which might lead to a very large increase in calorie intake and making the planned healthy diet effect futile. It is very good to stick to the healthy diet plan on the course of losing fat.

should try to be consistent with it and not just do excessive exercise today and relent for some other days and feel previous rigorous exercise would cover up. ?In essence, keep up with a good and consistent exercise to foster quick burning of fat.

You do not eat enough protein
Protein is very good for burning fat, this is because it contains low calories and increases metabolism of the body, which relatively cause usage of stored fat as calorie source. Protein also fakes fullness and makes one reach satiety level with low calorie consumed. You should try to add protein into your diet.
Note: You should prevent whey protein because they promote more production of insulin that is not good for fat burners.

You stress yourself

Stress is one thing that is rampant in the society nowadays because people juggle between jobs to keep up with livelihood and forget that the body has the limit it could take. Stress cause production of cortisol that taints fat burning process. Ease off stress periodically maybe through good massage, short nap, meditation can be used to ease stress.

You do not get enough sleep

Just like stress easing, sleep is very important when burning fat. Lack of adequate sleep causes production of cortisol, which causes accumulation of fat. Get at least 8 hours sleep daily, this is the healthy length of sleep for adult.

You drink a lot

The best fluid for someone who wants to lose weight is water, because of its advantages. Taking of drinks such as beverage drink, soda and some alcoholic drink are not good for the body. You could be taking those ones a while e.g. once a week but prevent taking them daily. Such drinks causes increase in calories and thus promote fat gain. A can of beer has 159 calories. You could see how much calorie you are gaining from such drink.

Eating too much junks

After following your diet plan strictly, you came across and a nice snack so irresistible you just have to consume it, after some minutes of indecision the aroma was so appalling and mouth watering, you ended up ingesting it. It is unfortunate that after eating such junk especially fatty ones and those with very high calorie, your mission to burn those fat is faulting, junks do contain high calorie that is not good for fat loss. For example, Pringles has about ?279 calories per serving ?. Other snacks have higher. Be careful the kind of snack you take in other to progress well in your fat burn mission.

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