4 Terrible ways stress causes damage to your body

4 Terrible ways stress causes damage to your body

4 Terrible ways stress causes damage to your body
4 Terrible ways stress causes damage to your body

Every morning as one wakes up to the sound of that blaring alarms, we never take the time to enjoy the scenery or feel the calmness. The brains have been programmed to race towards time, work, responsibilities and stress. With this, we now try to cram everything we could possibly do in the first hours of our day. Now failing to even stop and enjoy our morning coffee or our morning breakfast.

There have been recent trends among the rich and famous where elevating stress has become the most important routine of the day. Due to this, many side effects that are found through research and studies. Documentation on how stress reduces our mortality as well as affects our bodies internal function has been proved repeatedly.

The question we’re here to give an answer to is; How does stress affects one’s body?

4 Terrible ways stress causes damage to your body
4 Terrible ways stress causes damage to your body

1. The Cause of Various Dermatological Issues.

You constantly notice that during the most intense periods of your life, your body somehow seems to be failing you. You start having various breakouts and skin issues. Usually, you’re either prone to acne or hives which can be painful and could be creating insecurities within yourself.

Hives are considered the most common problem related to stress. They’re a form of scaly rash that forms in certain parts of your body. They itch and hurt at the same time, making it impossible to manage. However, usually Aloe Vera creams and sandalwood paste helps to calm the hives down.

These problems are due to your skin reacting to the agony and pressure it faces for a certain period. It’s due to the weakening of your immune system allowing you to be more prone to any form of diseases. Hence if you’re visiting a dermatologist, their first question would be “Are you under any stress?” which leads to a conclusion where if you love healthy skin then you need to lead a stress-free lifestyle.

2. Major Cause of Gastrointestinal Problems.

During the period of A-Levels examinations, I recall I constantly had stomach cramps and sometimes they were so terrible that I was forced to be bedridden for days before I could sit for my next exam. Trips to the doctor, medication as well as exercise failed to help. However, a trip to my school counselor helped me better understand my problems.

The amount of stress I was in has disrupted my digestive system and the ability for my body to absorb nutrients. Furthermore, due to constant pressure, I failed to understand my body’s need for proper solid food and thus I pushed my body to its limits. This caused ulcers and various bacteria accumulation in my digestive tracks, which eventually lead to my painful GI experience. As experiences become great teachers of our time, I tend to focus more on my diet especially when I’m reaching a pivotal point in life.

3. One of the Causes for Neurological and Concentration Issues.

Studies has it that, sleeping is one of the most important routines of our lives to ensure our body is both healthy and active. Sleeping ensures your neurological health and increases the ability to concentrate as it diminishes triggers that could cause otherwise. However, people who are constantly stressed form a symptom called insomnia. Insomnia is an issue where the person finds it impossible to fall asleep and runs with a minimum of 1-2 hours of sleep per day.

This stress-induced insomnia eventually leads to unpredictable neurological disorders which in turn leads to concentration issues. At work or at home this becomes a constant battle, which ironically increases your stress. Furthermore, this becomes one of the biggest contributors towards high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and cardiovascular issues. Therefore, the best recipe for this would be either sleeping pills or a lifestyle change to a stress-free life.

4. The Biggest Cause of Migraine.

No one would say he/she have never been here before, this pinching pain and the suffocating feel of vertigo. Migraines are well known to be the most painful ailment one can have, as its blinding pain makes death seemingly beautiful. The pain, which begins from the corners of your forehead and spreading all the way through your brain and down your spine, tends to destroy your ability to concentrate as well as enjoy regular motor functions. Therefore, you prefer to be in bed, avoiding the light for the next days or you become dependent on medication, which subsidizes the pain.

Stress and migraines being as related as brothers and sisters, are caused when you’re constantly stressed, your muscles are tightened and are on constant alert. They become constantly anxious and stiff; this causes a huge tension and strain especially near your skeletal muscles hence inducing brain-melting pain such as migraines.

So, to avoid such nightmares, always take a break to a stress-free lifestyle.

Finally, living in a world where we strive for a life of luxury. All, this pressure creates a lifestyle full of stress and discomfort. To avoid a life filled with defects is to focus on a routine filled with calmness and peacefulness for both mind and body.