15 Signs You Are Not Compatible With Your Spouse

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Checkout the 15 signs below;

#1. Your mate is always unaware of your feelings

If your partner never really knows how you feel about everything surrounding you, then it is time that you reconsider your relationship with them. He/she does not have to be a mind reader, but it certainly makes life easy for both of you if you can understand each other without the need of putting feelings in words always.

#2. There is very little spark between you and your mate

You do like your partner, but somehow you feel that your chemistry lacks spark. Maybe this is a sign that you are just not meant to be together.
#3. You and your partner have very few things in common

You like romantic outings, while your mate loves to go for adventurous trips. For you, spending time with family and friends is a priority over other stuff, but your partner feels that meeting deadlines and going for official lunches and dinners are important than socialising with closed ones. If such is the case, then clearly the thought process of you and your partner does not match. It is necessary that you review your relationship with them before it gets too late.

#4. There is hardly anything to talk about

When you meet or call each other, do you have to think very hard about things that you both could talk about? After exchanging pleasantries and discussing about the weather, do you feel it is tough to continue the conversation with your partner? If holding the conversation is a challenge, then sustaining a long-term relationship surely stands a bleak chance.
#5. Perceptions and personalities do not match

Do you and your partner react very differently to the same thing? Having different personalities and holding diversely opposing perceptions about same issues show that you and your partner are just not compatible.

It might not always be necessary that you and your partner would hold the same opinion on all things, be it religion, politics, family, career, life or anything else. However, it is important for you both to have respect for each other?s beliefs, career choices, political affiliations and religious sentiments to maintain a healthy relationship. If your partner ridicules your beliefs and questions your opinion every time you express them, then it is a sign that you and your partner are not made for each other.

#7. Your partner often lets you down

Does your partner repeat mistakes that have hurt you in the past again and again, without actually feeling sorry? If so, then it shows that your partner has little regard for your feelings and hence, he/she keeps on doing things that will makes you upset.

#8. You hardly miss each other?s absence

If being away from your partner for several days does not bother you or your partner, then you can be sure that the passion, which makes any love relationship thrive, is missing. And, you need to reconsider your relationship status with your partner.

#9. You find it difficult to adjust with the traits of your partner

If you find yourself always feeling annoyed with whatever your partner does, then clearly there is some incompatibility issue between the two of you. If their habits make you feel irritated more than happy, then it is going to be really hard for you both to sustain your relationship for too long.

#10. You do not get support you deserve from your partner

It can be very disappointing when you feel that your partner should stand for you during your crucial moments and they fail to do so. Not getting adequate support from your partner on key issues can cause a lot of friction in your relationship.

#11. Your partner listens to others more than you

Many couples often do not pay heed to the opinion given by their own partner, and rather prefer to listen to what the world has to say. However, neglecting the viewpoint of your partner and listening to others in case of important matters, pertaining especially to family, children and career can spell danger for your long-term relationship.

#12. Your partner makes you feel like a slacker

Sharing uncommon interests or divergent views should not mean that your partner must hold yours as any lesser. Look for someone else if your partner talks down to you.
#13. Not sharing things with your partner

Another sign of incompatibility between you and your partner is, when you start keeping away secrets from each other. Often, you do not mention about important occurrences or events of the day just because your partner does not care to listen to them. You keep things from your partner simply because you know that he/she will not care.

#14. You do not enjoy going out with your partner

Spending quality time with each other is something that all couples look forward to as this makes relationships stronger. However, if in your case, going out together is something you dread and passing time in each other?s company looks like a grave challenge, then your relationship is certainly going through a serious compatibility issue.

#15. There are constant fights between you and your partner

Small bickerings are a part of every relationship, but if you and your partner are constantly fighting even over petty issues, then it is a sure-shot sign that you two are not meant to be together.

If any of the above signs show up in your relationship, then it is certainly a sign of incompatibility between you and your partner. It will gradually eat up your happiness. In order to resolve issues try to have an open communication with your partner first . But if the problem still persists, then know that this match was just not made in heaven.