#LifeStyle: Common Mistakes ladies make in a relationship


I found this interesting article on SMB which explains the common mistakes ladies make in relationship. Ladies, you’ve gotta read this;

1. You don?t know your value

Most ladies don?t know their value, they love to go after guys that are taken. Some even prefer to go with the bad guys, dashing after them like a lost kitten. The more they get shut out, the more they devise other means to get in. You console yourself with this thinking of ?He will change? I?ve got a question for you, Are you on a gospel dating hoping for a miracle? Sweet, ?you are just a ?double single? ?lady. You have to learn to own yourself, know your value and never degrade it. ?If you don?t change, you are about to become single for a long time. No man wants a zombie.

2. Don?t try to change him?

Yes, you read it aright. A guy can?t be so much in love with you and all you can come up with in your head is to try to fix him like a faulty gadget, you know that?s not fair enough, how would you feel if he?s the one trying to change your attitude like a CD? All you need is to give him reasons to change. Naturally, ?women are very caring but in a relationship you need to place limits, ?else you break what you have. For instance, if your partner doesn?t dress to your fashion taste, instead of lodging complaints, ?why not dress better make him assess you and him see the difference. He isn?t your biological baby, so watch it woman.

3. Not acknowledging your partner?

It?s not enough to exist together, there must be a connection between the both of you. You shouldn?t just be in a relationship through oration, the communication must be kept 100,if don?t want to be like a roommate to your partner.

4. Don?t play the marriage card

It?s funny how young ladies are becoming desperate to be a ?Mrs?. ?Being married is sweet but it?s totally odd, ?for you to get into a relationship with the plans of getting married before anyone can say ?Jack? . Apparently, ?guys don?t like it when a lady is pushing the marriage card to them, they easily feel choked by this. Give it time, ?your relationship will grow to that ?stage.

5. Enjoy both his presence and absence?

It?s cool to ?love up?, I mean both parties enjoy it. At some point in a relationship you will both feel like seeing eachother every moment of the day, as good as it feels, it might be unhealthy for your relationship. You are like a flower and he the sun, you know the effect of excess sun on flowers. You need to enjoy his absence as much as you enjoy his presence, it improves the relationship.

6. Jealousy?

Everyone gets jealous, but there must be a watch on your rate of jealousy. A lot of relationship crash because boyfriend or girlfriend is jealous due to emotional insecurity. You need to calm yourself and never allow jealousy take over you.

7. Paranoia?

You can?t be paranoid because you feel your partner might break up with you, and still have your heart and head in the relationship. This is a very common mistake that ends relationships, when the feeling takes over you, you become unnecessarily conscious ?of things that don?t matter, and this might take another turn on your partner then before you know it, the relationship is off.

Forgive my blunt nature but in the meantime, young lady watch it!