10 Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

10 Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships
10 Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

With cheaper travel and the greater mobility that we now all enjoy, long distance relationships are a reality for many people today. For those that have never experienced such a thing, it can seem a slightly odd arrangement and most of those would assume that it would put impossible strains on a couple. For many people, though, a long distance relationship can actually strengthen the bonds between two people. If you’ve wondered how being apart from your partner, for months at a time, can work, here are ten little known benefits of a long distance relationship.

1. You learn to communicate more effectively

Couples that have to live apart can be quite surprised to find out just how much they have to talk about! In fact, it’s couples that live together all the time that have the problem with communication, while long distance lovers are the ones who talk on the phone or Skype, for hours at a time.

2. Surviving a long distance relationship makes your relationship stronger

Another benefit of having periods separated from the one that you love is that it can make the bonds between the two of you even stronger. Many couples who have been parted for any length time take the view that if their relationship can survive that, it can survive anything.

3. You value the time that you do have together far more

Being apart, means that you are far less likely to take your partner for granted. This means that when you are together, you will make the most of every moment and enjoy yourselves. A long distance relationship can really make people appreciate what they have and not waste the precious time that they do have together.

4. It makes you plan for the future

A long distance relationship also makes couples focus on the future and plan more effectively. In the short term, they have to plan their short times together, but they will also be planning their future lives together and their longer term goal of living together in the same place.

5. It makes you independent, within a relationship

Being separated for long periods of time makes both parties learn to stand on their own two feet. Each one has to take decisions and deal with problems on their own, and this makes them stronger, both when apart and when they work together as a team.

6. It builds trust

Being in a long distance relationship can also strengthen the trust between people, not weaken it. You’d have thought that being apart for long periods of time would lead to more doubt, but most people who have experienced the situation say that is not the case. It seems that because there is simply no choice but to trust in each other, both parties take that trust more seriously.

7. You both get more ‘me’ time

Another advantage of a long distance relationship is that you both, quite obviously, get a lot more time to yourself. That means more time to devote to your hobbies, more time to be yourself and more time to relax in just the way that you want to. This extra ‘me’ time gives people more of a chance to explore their own individuality and not become bogged down in stagnating relationship.

8. It brings out the romantic in people

Long distance love can certainly bring out the romantic in anyone. When people are living miles apart, they are more inclined to put more effort onto birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions. When you haven’t seen your partner for a long time, you are hardly just going to send them a cheap birthday card, are you?

9. It makes you cherish even the smallest of things

Everything becomes so much more meaningful when you are apart and you learn to value each and every one of those things. Even a simple ‘I love you’ text message can mean so much more and a small, surprise gift will be one that is truly treasured.

10. You address problems more openly

And the final thing that a long distance relationship teaches people is the need to address problems quickly. When you are living with a person, it is easy to brush problems under the carpet, or put off talking about it for another day. When time is short though, it is even more vital that issues in the relationship are discussed and it makes couples much more honest and open with each other. When you’ve only got a short phone call to put things right, it sure can focus the mind.

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