Why Keeping Long Nails Can Be Dangerous

Long nails

Keeping long nails

– Why you shouldn’t keep long nails.

– Maintaining healthy habits.


Nails are meant for both fingers and toes. Beautiful nails make the fingers beautiful, in fact, long nails are associated with femininity and beauty.

One can have long nails either by growing them naturally or by wearing artificial attachments. However keeping long nails are dangerous, long nails have the potential to cause a variety of health issues since they are a perfect place for germs and dirt to stay.

Long nails

There are quite a number of reasons that long nails are not healthy. They are;

1.Long nails are a great place for germs to accumulate—they can easily transfer germs into your body or to others.They can be an invitation to diseases.

2. One can easily accidentally hurt himself when one has long nails. Hence, they cause injuries, scratches and wound to the skin.

3. You can also acquire harmful pathogens or microorganisms while bathing or scratching oneself with long nails and these can be passed on when you eat, wash or feed with them.

4. Also, artificial acrylic nails are more prone to infection and take longer to heal or disinfect when worn long

5. It is often difficult to do certain chores with long nails. Washing clothes, plates, and even holding certain objects will be difficult.

6. Typing with long fingernails can also be strenuous and it can take longer time. It can also lead to unnecessary strain on one’s fingers and hands.

Avoid long nails.

7. It leads to constant worry on how to maintain the nails.

Long nails have a way of taking over and imposing themselves on those who keep them by constantly breaking through their owner’s consciousness and adapting their own identity and demands.

Although, long nails are always enticing and captivating but you should not expose yourself to certain health risks just because you want to keep them.

Hence, it is necessary that you keep your nails short or not too long. You use them for activities like cooking and eating.

Regular cleaning, trimming and using your nails appropriately can prevent infections both for you, and those you come in contact with.

It is also important that you keep your nails sanitized and nourished to keep yourself and everyone around you safe and healthy. Eat a nutritious diet that includes calcium, proteins, and vitamins, in order to keep your nails healthy.