4 Reasons why you must never bite your nails

4 Reasons why you must never bite your nails
4 Reasons why you must never bite your nails

Nail biting is extremely common, some people do it without even realizing/unconsciously.

For some people anxiety, reading, watching TV etc can make some start biting their nails! A lot of people revealed it has a calming effect amongst many other reasons people bite their nails.

Nail biting apart from ruining the way the nails look come with funny effects too, note that nail biting can also be a symptom of depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). These straight forward effects are reasons to ever bite your nails:

1. Stomach Problems.

Biting the nails is the perfect way to transfer germs from the mouth (from the nails) to your guts which can be a big health scare.

2. Nail Infections

Nail biting leaves room for the risk of nail infection. Biting the nails cause tiny tears around the skin near the nails which leave room for infection.

3. Destroys the nail bed

Excessively biting the nails ruins the nailbed

4. Transfer germs

The nails (and hands) are usually filled with bacteria, fungus and other harmful germs (reasons to always wash them as well as sanitize). When you bite unclean nails/hands for instance you transfer these germs to your mouth and increase the risk of an infection.