Reasons That Will Make You Not To Hold Your Urine

– Why you must not hold your urine.

– Urinate when it is necessary.

Do what you have to do at the appropriate time, don’t delay it. This also applies to the act of urinating.

Often times, many of us find ourselves delaying the act of urinating due to some reasons.

Such reasons include inconducive environment, unavailability of a restroom where we are at the moment, laziness, being busy, procrastination etc.

Don’t delay it, so that you won’t have to rush to do it.

The need to go to the convenience is completely natural.

This is why we need to do it with a certain frequency so that our bodies can eliminate all of the excess and waste product that it doesn’t need.

An average bladder has the capacity to hold about 15 ounces of liquid and holding in your urine for a long period of time can stretch your bladder.

The longer you hold your urine, the bladder can become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. This bacteria can lead to infections, which can spread to kidneys and cause greater damage to the body.

Consequences of holding your pee:

1. One of the consequences of holding your pee is that; it can produce severe urinary infections, bacterial infections that affect the urinary tract.

2.It can also cause pain in the pelvis.

3. The individual will experience burning, strong, and constant pain while urinating.

4. Holding your urine can also lead to conditions like overactive bladder and painful bladder syndrome.

Urinate at the appropriate time.

5. It leads to difficulty concentrating on anything other than the desire to urinate.

6. Stomach pains and cramps.

7. The kidney will be at risks if one delays urinating too much.

8. It causes discomfort to the body system.

It has been well stated that there are many health problems are attached to holding your urine or delay going to the toilet.

You can avoid these health conditions by simply heading to the bathroom as soon as your body informs you of the need to urinate, and paying attention to your body’s signals regarding the same.

This will help you maintain your bladder and keep your bladder frees from infections.