Ladies, These Things Turn Men Off!

Ladies, These Things Turn Men Off!

Ladies, These Things Turn Men Off!

Things That Turn Men Off

Maybe you’re struggling in your relationship and you don’t really know what is wrong or you’ve been hoping to hook up with someone you like and it just seems like he wants nothing to do with you. It’s possible that the guys are the ones with the problems but it’s also possible that you are doing something that is not attractive.

It happens to the best of people; they are sabotaging themselves in some ways and they don’t even know it.

Ladies, this might just be the help you need; here are some things that ladies do that turn the menfolk off:


Men can’t stand a clingy woman, it is the truth. Ladies, there is nothing cute about being clingy; wanting to go everywhere your man goes, trying to include yourself in the hangout with the guys or calling all the time. It’s a sign that you lack confidence, you have trust issues and that you’re insecure. It is better to deal with your issues so you can bring a whole you to the relationship table.

You could get the guy but if you don’t deal with the issues that want to make a clingy, obsessive burden out of you, you will destroy the good thing you’ve got going on.


There is nothing wrong with being a smart, beautiful high-flyer but when you make every single thing a competition, the guys that you think you might have a connection with, might just decide to move forward.

Don’t let anybody deceive that those men are insecure; the truth is that nobody really enjoys an overly competitive person and any relationship where one party is competitive usually suffers.

When a guy notices that everything is a contest with you, not just in your engaging with him but in your relationship with others, he begins to see that once interesting, intelligent and strong woman as an unrelenting vixen, which is just too much work.


Nagging ruins intimacy and takes the tranquillity out of relationships. You might have heard it many times that nagging is bad and it is the truth.

It may be just the thing that has been ruining your relationships and turning the men off.

Flirting too much

It’s attractive to be a woman that other men want and admire; it could really spark a guy’s interest. However, when you are always flirting and laughing with all sorts of guys, that guy whose attention you want may just get turned off.

A sought-after woman puts the men who want her on their toes, because they know that some other people also know her worth, and also want her in their lives. But when a woman is always  on the arm of some guy or the other, it could make her look too available and turn off the interest of potential soul-mates.

If you’re trying to get a guy’s attention by flirting with some other guys and it didn’t work immediately then please discontinue such activities; it’s not working.

Drinking too much

It’s a changing world and truth be told, women have a right to live their lives as they choose; they can have as many drinks as they want at those parties.

The truth however is that for a good number of men, a woman who drinks excessively or without caution, whenever the occasion arises, is a turn off. They might think her lovely, beautiful and interesting but it could just be the deal-breaker that stops them from making an extra move.

If you’re surprised, don’t be; even sensible women should be wary of men who seem to like alcohol a little too much.

Lack of confidence

A woman who is not confident is a big turn-off for a lot of men. You don’t have to be loud, talkative or the centre of attention to be confident.

A woman who is comfortable in her own skin and projects her uniqueness without any sense of uncertainty is the kind many men feel they can make something meaningful with.

A woman who is not confident usually sends mixed signal which can be tiring and seem a little shady. Most balanced and confident men are not impressed by it and such behaviour often attracts other confused and predatory men.

Find yourself and be yourself.