Surprising 8 Foods That Have Caffeine

– Foods That Have Caffeine Hidden In Them

Studies suggest the average adult can ingest a safe amount of 300 or 400 milligrams of the caffeine (about three cups of strong coffee). Caffeine is not terrible for your health as is mostly rumoured. There are a number of health benefits attributed to taking caffeine. Foods that have caffeine in them should be well noted.

Caffeine has been proved to increase longevity. However, too much of caffeine can have the opposite effect on your health, including increased belly fat, anxiety, insomnia, and even death. So, this is the more reason you should know the foods that have caffeine hidden.

1. Pain Medicine

Pills for medication

Some pain medication such as Excedrin or Midol contains 60 to 65 milligrams of caffeine in a single pill. You may want to check the box the next them you have a headache or period cramps, so you don’t ingest unwanted caffeine.

2. Dietary Supplements

Most weight-loss pills contain high amounts of caffeine, quite unknown to many people. These supplements use herbs like guarana which can naturally contain caffeine. Too much of these diary supplements can have negative effects on your health.

3. Decaffeinated Coffee

Whoa! Quite the opposite, right? Decaf does not mean caffeine-free. For a coffee to be marketed as “decaffeinated”, the bean’s caffeine content must be reduced by 97 percent. Reports on decaf coffees have found that although most cups have fewer than 5mg of caffeine, some have quite more.

4. Ice Cream & Yogurt


Ice cream and yogurt that have coffee in them mostly contain some amount of caffeine. A scoop of most brands contains 60mg of caffeine in them which is almost equal to two cans of Coke. Some might be lower actually, having 40mg of caffeine in them. Keep your eyes open for less obvious coffee flavour terms like “mocha” and “java”.

5. Non-Cola Soda

Coke is widely known to be a great source of caffeine, what is not known, as in many cases of hidden caffeine is that non-cola sodas contain just as much caffeine, if not more. Non-cola sodas are close in range to Mountain Dew with a caffeine amount of 41mg.

6. Candy Bars

Candy bars that contain chocolate should we well considered before taken. This is because caffeine occurs naturally in cocoa beans, just like the compound theobromine, which also acts as a stimulant. A half-cup of chocolate chips has about 50 mg of caffeine in it.

7. Protein Bars

Protein bar

A cliff of Protein bar serves up to 50 mg of caffeine, which is equal to more than a can of coke. Snack bars rely on calorie and carbohydrate-dense ingredients like dried fruits and nuts to keep you energized.