Some Facts About Glossitis


– The meaning of glossitis.

– What are the important things that you should know about this condition?

Glossitis is a condition that relates to the tongue. It simply refers to an inflammatory condition of the tongue. The tongue is an important part of the body, it is the part of the mouth that we use for tasting and some other functions.

This inflammation of the tongue can occur rapidly and it might also occur slowly. In whichever way it occurs, the person suffering from it will experience a painful elevation of the tongue.

Also, when this condition occurs, the tongue might be smooth-looking but swollen. There will also be a burning sensation of the tongue and this is why some people refer to this condition as “burning tongue syndrome”.

There are certain symptoms that accompany this condition. The most common symptoms include the following;

1. Tenderness of the tongue and the inflammation of the tongue will occur.


2. Also, the sufferer will experience a burning and painful sensation the tongue.
3. The tongue can also change its color.
4. The person will also experience a great difficulty in eating, swallowing and even talking.

The major causes of glossitis include the following;

  • Yeast infection (candida) in the mouth can cause it.
  • Dryness of the mouth is another cause.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Smoking is also a risk factor.

When you lack the essential nutrients and vitamins that the body needs, this condition can also occur.

To avoid this condition of the tongue, it is essential that you practice a good oral hygiene. You should also avoid smoking. Watch out for foods that cause your allergic reactions.

Also, practice a good diet change to treat this inflammation of the tongue. Visit the hospital to get proper medications that will help you.

Do not be quiet when you notice the symptoms, seek medical help.