What Is Fissured Tongue? The Causes And Symptoms


– What does it mean for the tongue to have a fissure?

– The causes and the symptoms of a fissure in the tongue.

Do you often experience a crack in your tongue? Is there a little opening on your tongue that makes you feel uncomfortable? Then you should read this piece, it contains a lot of information that will help you.

A fissure simply refers to a crack or opening on the surface of a thing. The tongue is the flexible organ that we have in the mouth, we use it to move edible things around in the mouth, it is also our sense of taste.

A fissured tongue occurs when there is a deep groove or fissure on the upper portion of the tongue or at the lateral part of the tongue.

Although anyone can develop fissures on the tongue generally, it is common with older people.

Fissured tongue.

This condition, when it occurs, makes someone feel very uncomfortable and also makes it difficult for a person to do certain things that he or she normally does with the tongue.

We can also refer to this condition as ‘scrotal tongue’ or ‘furrowed tongue’. Because when it occurs, there are always fissures or grooves that appear on the tongue, especially on the lateral sides.

The symptoms of fissured tongue range from being mild to being severe. However, the common signs and symptoms of this condition include;

1. A burning sensation on the tongue, especially on the part that the grooves or fissure appear.
2. Present of fissures on the tongue is also a symptom.
3. Soreness of the tongue and pain in the tongue can also occur.
4. Difficulty in eating or swallowing.
5. The inflammation of the tongue can also occur.

The common causes of fissured tongue include the following;

  • Genetic factors, if it runs in the family, it might affect an individual.
  • Poor nutrition is also a cause.
  • Reactions to certain medications.
  • The deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients can also cause it.
  • Poor oral hygiene is another cause.