Causes Of Tongue Discoloration That You Know



– Why some people have a discoloration in their tongue.

– Some of the symptoms of discoloration.

A discoloration occurs when a thong loses its original color, it involves the alteration of the true color or appearance of a thing. It also occurs when there is a stain on a thing when it has the wrong color.

The tongue is a part of the mouth, it is a flexible muscular organ that we use for eating and tasting. It is the only organ of the boy that serves as our sense of taste.

A healthy tongue is pink and covered with small nodules called papillae. When a discoloration affects the tongue, the tongue changes color and gives a disgusting and rather horrible color.

We use our tongue often and we do a lot of things with it, so when we have a problem with it, we tend to find a quick solution to the problem.

One can also notice a whitish coating on the tongue and this might be as a result of food particles that stick to our tongue when we eat.

Tongue discoloration.

But one can easily brush the whitish coat away. Tongue discoloration, however, is beyond the whitish coat on the tongue. The tongue can have a brown or black color coupled with patches or streak.

Also, when this abnormality in the tongue arises, the change in color can vary. The color can be purple, yellow, blue, bright red, etc.

Some causes of discoloration in the tongue include;

  • Leukoplakia
  • Oral lichen planus
  • Aphthous stomatitis
  • Syphilis etc

Other things that can affect the tongue include tongue injury, sore on the tongue, you can also accidentally bite the tongue while eating or speaking and this can cause a serious pain.

Some ways to get rid of tongue discoloration include the following;

1. Take enough fluid, especially water. Hydration is important to every part of the body.

2. Wash your tongue well, avoid a poor oral hygiene.

3. Avoid smoking cigarettes and tobacco.

4. Also, avoid the consumption of alcohol.

5. Eat a healthy food as well.

6. Consult a doctor,  an oral surgeon or a specialist.