Top 5 Ways You Are Wrongly Storing Eggs


– How to store and preserve your eggs.

– Some ways that people store eggs wrongly and they do not know.

An egg serves as an important meal in the human diet most people consume an egg every day. You see chefs using eggs as either the major ingredient or additional ingredient in many dishes and delicacies.

An egg is beneficial to the human health and this is why doctors advise us to eat an egg per day. There are also many ways to eat eggs, you can fry the eggs before eating them, you can also boil them. However, some people take their eggs raw ( although, people like this are rare), while some add it as an ingredient to their dishes.

Also, an egg contains essential nutrients and vitamins that help the jody grow well. It is an amazing source of protein.

Considering the enormous benefits that we can derive from eating eggs, we can not do but store them in the house so that we can easily pick them for use when we need them.

However, it is necessary that we store our eggs in a right way because if not, they will get spoilt. Sadly, some people store their eggs in wrong ways.

Here are some ways you are wrongly storing your eggs;

1. Storing your eggs on your fridge door is not good for your eggs. When storing eggs, it is important that they get exposure to fresh air, storing them in the rack in your fridge door will deny them the fresh air that they need.

Bad ways of storing eggs.

In fact, the fridge door happens to be the warmest place in your fridge. So, storing your eggs there will make them rotten on time.
However, this does not mean you can’t store them in your fridge but do not store in the fridge door.

2. Storing your eggs in your car. Many people, especially those that distribute eggs are fond of this, do not keep your eggs for too long in the car, heat is not good for them.

3. Also, storing eggs in a cover container is bad for the eggs.

4. Storing eggs in a closed box is also no good for the eggs.

5. Also, putting your eggs in a polythene bag before storing them is a wrong way of preserving the eggs.

Always ensure that you store your eggs appropriately in order to preserve them.