Glossitis And Its Types


– What is glossitis?

– The major types of glossitis that you should know.

Glossitis refers to an inflammatory state of the tongue. The tongue is a part of the mouth that we use for tasting and moving foods from one part of the mouth to another.

When this inflammation of the tongue occurs, it comes along with a burning sensation and pain in the tongue. This inflammation of the tongue is often as a result of an infection that affects the tongue.

Burning tongue syndrome is another term for glossitis. When this condition occurs, there might be a difficulty in eating and chewing food due to the inflammation of the tongue.

Infections caused by bacteria agents or yeast infection can result in the inflammation of the tongue. Bad oral habits or unhygienic oral practices, dehydration, low level of saliva as well as a yeast infection can also cause the inflammation of the tongue to occur.


There are different types of tongue inflammation, the mildness and severity of this condition inform the way they are classified. The common types of glossitis include the following;

1. Acute glossitis is a type of tongue inflammation that is just for a short while. It is often quick or brief, though it might be intense.

2. Another type of glossitis if the chronic form, this is the long-term form of tongue inflammation. This often lasts for a long period of time.

3. Glossitis migrans, this is another type of tongue inflammation. We can also refer to it as benign migratory glossitis, this type of tongue inflammation comes with lesions as its symptom, although this inflammation is mild in nature.

4. Atrophic glossitis is another type of tongue inflammation when it occurs, the sufferer will be a severe pain or a burning sensation on the tongue.

Also, this type of tongue inflammation makes the tongue to change from its original color into another color.