Simple Ways To Take Care Of Wounds


– Basic home treatments for wounds.

– How to treat injuries when they occur.

Quite a large number of us hate it when we have injuries on any part of our body.  We often feel pain and discomfort if we have wounds, that is why we try as much as possible to prevent injuries from occurring.

Regardless of how careful we can be,  injuries are inevitable. There are certain times that we find ourselves having wounds on our body.

However,  the moment injuries occur, whether minor or major, we should treat it without delay. If it is also a more serious or open wound, it is important to take quick action. We can treat some open wounds at home, though, not in all cases.

Also, if we do not treat a wound quickly, it can lead to a bigger problem. Infections might occur and these infections will lead to other complications.

We can treat wounds at home, especially the small or minor wounds such as; cuts, scrapes, incisions, puncture wounds, lacerations, minor burns and pressure sores, etc.

Here are some tips to treat wounds:

  1. Proper cleaning of the wound

It is very important that you clean the wound, this will remove bacteria, dirt, and debris from the wound. Rinse or clean the wound with clean water, especially a running water.

Care of wounds.

Also, do not clean or wipe the wound with a cotton ball that might leave pieces of material stuck in the wound.

  1. Apply pressure on the wound

When you apply pressure on the wound, it will stop bleeding. You can use a bandage or cloth.

  1. Dress the wound

We should not leave our wounds open, rather, we should dress it well to prevent tetanus from infecting the wound. Also, when you dress your wound, houseflies that may cause infections will be unable to touch it.

Do not wrap the wound tightly so that you will not cut off the circulation of blood.

  1. See a medical doctor