Simple Ways To Cook Pumpkin Leaves


– Amazing methods that you can use whenever you want to cook pumpkin.

– Health benefits of eating pumpkin leaves.

A pumpkin is a domesticated plant whose growth is similar to that of a foliage, flower, fruit, squash, and melon. You can find this plant growing anywhere.

Although people plant it at times it can also grow on its own. Most times, the color of this plant is green, it can also be purple- like.

There are amazing nutrients we can derive from eating pumpkin leaves. It is not difficult to get, we can find it in gardens and farms around.

However, after collecting these pumpkin leaves, some people are in dilemma of how to cook it, And when some people cook it, it either does not look attractive or it does not come out well.

It is important to know that the way you cook a meal determines whether people will crave the meal or lose their appetite at the sight of the meal.

This means that the food you prepare can either entice people to eat it r make people lose interest partially or completely in eating.

Also, there are a variety of ways to prepare pumpkin leaves, depending on and vary from one region to the other.simple-ways-cook-pumpkin-leaves

Simple ways to cook pumpkin leaves include the following;

1. Whenever you want to cook pumpkin leaves, it is good to select the younger pumpkin leaves. They are the most suitable for cooking.

Simple cooking methods.

2. Rinse them well in a clean water.

3. You can simmer the pumpkin leaves with tomatoes just for a few minutes until the leaves are tender. This method is done mostly in Malawi.

4. Also, you can employ the Italian style by simply frying the leaves with oil and garlic before going ahead with other processes.

Add the leaves with tomato, pepper, salt, condiments and other necessary or desired ingredients you have put in place to prepare it. After that, stir occasionally until its done.