Seven Ways To Make People Enjoy Your Company More

Seven Ways To Make People Enjoy Your Company More

Seven Ways To Make People Enjoy Your Company More

In order to be someone that people like to be around, you must learn to manage your emotions; that means that you have to become more emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence simply means that you know how to identify and manage your emotions and that of others.

Emotionally intelligent people are often people that others find to be good company because they are balanced, do not engage in unnecessary drama and handles situations correctly.

Here are some ways to make yourself that kind of person:

Mind Your Business

People find it easier to hang around people who mind their business; who are not caught up in other people’s drama or trying to  be busy-bodies.

People tend to appreciate those who listen, give advice and offer advice only when invited to do so or when necessary.

Complain Less

Whining habitually is a really bad thing; this habit shows that such a person is always trying to project him/herself as a victim.

Nobody really enjoys a person who complains or whines all the time because it dampens the mood of others and draws their energy; it often means that they have to console, advice or try to help even when they are not in the mood.

Gossip Less

Gossiping is a bad habit; when people identify you with it, they may become distant or end their relationship with you.

If you are known not to engage in gossip, people feel less comfortable around you.

Avoid Bashing Yourself

Negative self-talk is not attractive; people don’t really enjoy it unless they are mean and insecure. While there may be times when you feel down and may need encouragement when you are beating yourself down, people generally find it dampening around people who don’t see the good in themselves.

When you talk of yourself in an attractive and positive way (not boastful or arrogant), you give people a reason to be attracted to you.

Say No When Necessary

Believe it or not, people appreciate those with boundaries. When you say no when you need to, it shows that you have self-control and that you know your limits; many admire such a trait.

Be Self-sufficient

Self-sufficient people are not a burden  to others, either physically or emotionally and this makes it easy to relate with them.

People are afraid of needy, clingy people who depend on other people for their self-worth and happiness.

Don’t Live in the Past

A hopeful, grateful and happy person is bright light that most people will want in their lives; people who dwell on the past instead of learning from it are not.

People who talk about their mistakes, pains and their past in general are not that interesting to hang around.