Sad But True! 8 Signs Your Love Is Dying

Relationships problems - Young couple in bed
All relationships go through ups and downs which can lead to estrangement and even breakups. But this could be avoided if we realized our relationship was going south with enough time to evaluate the situation and find alternatives.

I believe that if you see the signs, you can prevent a disaster. With a little effort, you can detect the signs that your relationship is cooling, and, instead, return to the tropical paradise of loving and being loved. So don’t get discouraged, read the signs that your love is dwindling and start your romance recovery mode.

1. You stop holding hands

One day you’ll notice that when you’re walking together there’s no contact. You no longer hold hands as you walk down the street.

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2. Farewell to spontaneity

When you’re in love, you call your loved one often just to know how he is, or send her a message with a kiss or a heart. But when love diminishes, these gestures are over.

3. Passionate kisses are gone

This is one of the most obvious symptoms. Instead of passionate kissing, you resort to a brush on the lips or cheek. You’re definitely not looking to break the Guinness World Record longest kiss anymore.

4. You avoid spending time together

When you’re in love, a trip to the store to buy bread together becomes romantic. Pay attention to when you stop having a good time together.

5. The word “discussion” is your new best friend

The enemy of love is the “discussion;” it seeks to destroy at all costs and its techniques are lethal. If you are unable to spend a day without arguing, then there is no doubt that the flame of your love is dwindling.

6. No more knowing glances

A knowing glance is when words are needed but with just a look, you know what your spouse is thinking. If love is in crisis, the frequency of these looks not only decreases, but you also stop understanding what their looks mean.

7. Icy sheets

Each of you have begun to slide to his or her side of the bed. Loving actions increasingly cool as you start leaving a gap in the middle of the bed.

8. Time together is a martyrdom

When we don’t like doing something, everything about it seems wrong. In the same way, when we stop wanting our partner, it becomes impossible to enjoy time together.

How many of these signs do have in your relationship? Any of these are a sign that something bad is happening in your relationship. But don’t worry. If you detect them now you have time to rekindle the flame of love.

This article has been translated and adapted from the original article: 8 señales de que la llama del amor se está apagando.