Relationship: 7 Signs Your Partner Is Unhappy

Relationship: 7 Signs Your Partner Is Unhappy

guys-foods-you-shouldnt-eat signs Your Partner Is Unhappy

Some people find it hard to express their feeling when they’re not happy. It is the job of their partner to figure out the what exactly is wrong with them and how to make it right. Read the 7 clear signs that your partner is unhappy below

1. They’re Staying Late At Work

It can be a bit disconcerting when your partner suddenly starts living at work. Of course, nine times out of ten it’s only because they’re busy. But if they do it often enough, it’s easy to feel like they’re avoiding you…. then you need to start asking direct questions about how they feel and what is going on, It’s much better than worrying, and way better than assuming the worst.

2. They’re Grumpy All The Time

While everyone gets grumpy, this is especially true of men who are unhappy in their relationship. You may notice your SO is short-tempered or irritable for seemingly no reason. This is what men tend to look like when they are unhappy. He may also feel like he’s stressed out or annoyed, but doesn’t quite know why. If your partner is a dude, these could be signs that something’s up — especially if he’s directing the grumpiness at you.

3. They Don’t Bother To Argue

While no one wants to argue, disagreeing is what healthy couples do. So if your partner suddenly can’t be bothered to have a fight, it may be they’ve checked out of the relationship. You might hear them say things like “we’ve been over this before,” or “I don’t want to talk about it.” And that’s not a good sign.

4. They Stay Up Way Later Than You
Couples who are in sync often go to bed at the same time. You know, so they can have s*x or cuddle or lie next to each other whilst reading. So take note if your partner is going to bed early or staying up late. If they aren’t up working or doing something important, it may be they are simply avoiding you because they’re unhappy in the relationship.

5. He Or She Is Begging For Attention
Are you the one who’s been busier than usual? If you haven’t been giving your partner the attention they need, they may start to show you by being a bit… needy. Chances are [they’re[ hungry for a little attention, and [are] therefore resorting to the grown-up’s version of sleeve-tugging. This might come in the form of clinginess, or them asking for “help” with mundane tasks.

6. They No Longer Confide In You
If your SO’s friends hear good news well before you do, it could be your partner no longer views you as their go-to person. It could also be that they don’t trust you, or feel like you don’t care about what they have to say. If this has been a problem throughout your relationship, then yes — it probably is you (or at least your habits) that are making them unhappy.

7. They Find You Very Annoying
Your SO used to think all your quirks and eccentricities were endearing. But now they only view them as eye-roll worthy, or even downright annoying. This shift in opinion is often a sign that your partner is checking on out, according to relationships writer Ossiana Tepfenhart on Of course you’re doing nothing wrong, but your unhappy partner fails to see it that way — and that’s not OK


Signs Your Partner Is Unhappy