Nigerians in a ‘One-chance Bus’ with Buhari as the Driver

Nigerians in a ‘One-chance Bus’ with Buhari as the DriverPMB 9jastreet
Not as an uninformed person who, for the sake of writing, writes in order to stir up controversies or an unwanted argument, I write this piece based on the deductions made so far from the actions and in-actions, as it may be applicable, of our “Mr. Chanji” Fulani President.

I am not sorry to say, since this confused, ok, professor of cluelessness came to power last year, the only thing I have learnt from him is tips on how to remain outstandingly clueless; even though he was the one tagging his predecessor (GEJ) as clueless before May 29th 2015. No! what am I saying, even after he (Buhari) was inaugurated, the visible development he effected was to be saying “things have been worse for the last sixteen years”. Yea, things have been worse and that is why we “voted” for your “chanji” but why have you made it become worst since your enthronement? I bet this “chanji” must have meant a thing to Buhari and another thing to the electorates (except the fulanis).

Now, let’s reason together, though not everyone will see it the way I am;

Why will a good, reputable and image-valuing President of a democratic nation still remain a life patron of some sort of human-menace existing on the face of the earth? Is it a kind of family title or what? Good names, they say, are better than golds and silver. So why will our “saint” President still tenaciously cling to such a ridiculous, violent-linked title? I am seriously disturbed. These blood-sucking bastards are bent on eradicating the other tribes and their life patron is solidly behind them, because if not so, why will he feign blindness, deafness and dumbness since all this while. Other Agencies that should have, under normal condition, risen to say something about this great evil perpetration taking place on our land also decided to keep shut SINCE they all contributed to what brought the old soldier into power. Even the outspoken Father Mbaka has suddenly lost his “macho” voice while his own people were being slaughtered in their frontage.

Why, even till now, do we always hear our President blame one person or the other, especially GEJ for the current hardships in Nigeria, even with the ones that started with his reign since May 2015? I read Femi Aribisala’s “A Compendium of Buhari, APC’s Textbook of Cluelessness” and got to understand that our ruling party never had any plan to rule the country. The only saving grace for them (as they might have thought) is to readily blame all those who were one time or the other in power before them. My brother Femi, you forgot to notice he (Buhari) is gradually coasting to a level he will start blaming GEJ for the existence of sun by the day and moon by the night. Jonathan will also be blamed for the existence of desert in the North…hehehe. Jonathan left since eleven months ago, what we keep hearing is that he is to blame for the current fuel scarcity, the ridiculous budget drama, failure to curb the madness of Buhari’s fulani-kinsmen. Ok, I remember, Jonathan also had hand in the illegal recruitment done by the Central Bank of Nigeria which had something like illegal employment of the relatives of Buhari and his cabinets. He is also to blame for the free fall of Naira against the US dollar, which happens to be the worst in history. I have been told that Buhari claimed the fall of Naira started when he was taken out of office in his first regime…..what an “absent-minded” talk.

Now, what sense do you make of a country that the citizens begin to carry placards with inscriptions like “bring back our corruption”, “during corruption, one sachet of pure water was N10 and now it is N40 during anti-corruption”, “during corruption, one liter of petrol was N95 and now it is N300 during anti-corruption” and so on? You think the youths are stupid or short of foresight? No. I will defend this by picking on a popular Yoruba proverb (that translates in English to) saying you support your outer self with the inner strength. Let me point it out that for a country to thrive well economically, the youths have to be up and doing. Some of these youths are self employed and they depend on some inputs (which are not free of charge) to carry on with their businesses. These inputs include electricity, fuel, etc. So tell me, what do you want them to do when these resources are not there and the little that was available is being sold for triple the original selling price. Is this what they have voted to experience?

Another thing to consider is, can we fight corruption with corruption? I have tried to search round for an answer for this question and what I always get has been a very sound “NO!” Why then do we engage in a game that will end labeling all of us as a biased, unjust and inequitable nation? Yea, we hear about the anti-corruption saga BUT is it actually anti-corruption or anti-opposition.

May be we didn’t even bother to know what it means to be corrupt, limiting our power of reasoning only to financial crimes…..hahaha….it should not be so; Flying around the world (with Nigerians money) to maim the image of innocent, hardworking and unrelenting Nigerians is corruption. You cannot give us better life at home, you still want to kill all of us that struggled to get outside (with your mouth). Leading a country with no known direction is corruption. Ignoring the mass killing of other citizens by the Fulani hoodlums is corruption. Arresting and detaining citizens without known charge(s) and/or trials or further refusal to release those who have been discharged and acquitted by the courts of law, is corruption.

Everybody should know that even if you are in the APC, if you are not a Fulani, you are still on your own. Can someone tell me what is currently happening to the Vice President? He had been sent to fetch water, like it was prophesied. This is exactly why I am sorry for those Yoruba and Igbo politicians that think they can find favour by selling out their people (And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household). I say big shame on you AND mind you, you will still lose out at the long run.

All power on earth (as far as Nigeria is concerned) has been given to Fulani-Buhari BUT he forgot there is still a Supreme power that may make him not to see the next minute in peace. I wonder why our leaders will easily forget that there is a Super power that can do and undo with no one to question HIM. Well! How can they recognise the existence of that SUPREME BEING since they built their Babylons with their strength….O ma se o.

I believe that, for the first time in history, Nigerians will shine their eyes well well and will not allow some partisan politicians (who have their ulterior motive and care less about the future) mislead them anymore. This will teach Nigerians to begin to regard people based on personality, not based on political party or those members of our families singing their (political aspirants) praises before considering to vote people into power. This, of course, is a one-chance bus and I pray we alight from it safely, though great valuables must have already been robbed us.

Written by Akinlosoye A. Adekunle

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