Long Distance Relationships: Eight Things You Can Do To Make It Work

Long Distance Relationships: Eight Things You Can Do To Make It Work

long distance relationships

Most people don’t have faith in long-distance relationships and with good reason too because really, many of them don’t seem to work out. The extra-distance requires some extra work; things can easily get complicated, communication can easily go south and on top of that, no one can deny the loneliness that can suddenly attack, despite the fact that you’re in a relationship. You can’t do little things that others take for granted, like holding hands or talking a walk with the person you love, because they are so far away.

The truth is that the odds are stacked against long-distance but having one that succeeds is not a dream. Many people have made long-relationships work, even when they were no phones, e-mails, video-calling and messaging apps. you certainly can make it work now that you have so much more at your disposal. With creativity, and commitment, you can make what many see as disadvantages of long-distance relationships to work for you.

Here are seven things you can do:

Let Your Expectations Be Clear

Both parties need to very clear about the relationship. Don’t let things just float around without definition; you shouldn’t give anyone so much of time, energy or attention without knowing what the relationship is about. For instance, is it an exclusive relationship? Or either one of you is still allowed to keep dating? when will visits be possible and how frequent can they be? What kind of behaviour would be considered inappropriate and disrespectful towards your partner even though they are not around?

Setting some ground rules will help to manage expectations. It can also help you quickly discern if the relationship has a chance or not.

Be Open and Honest 

Partners in long distance will need to learn to volunteer important and even seemingly inconsequential information. Why? Because you are in long distance relationship where your partner may not be privy to the things happening in your life unless you tell them. Learn to talk about your feelings; fears insecurities, things that you want, things you’d like to know and so on. Keeping secrets are not are good idea because even if your partner never finds out, they’ll probably eat you up from the inside.

You’re in relationship albeit long distant so take and give the help and support your supposed to get from a committed relationship . Unburden your heart to your partner: share your joys, your tears and whine to him/her whenever you need. This keeps your relationship alive.


Communicate Creatively and Regularly But...

For a long distance relationship to work, regular communication is a must. Do your best to talk to each other daily, always greet each other “good morning” and “good night” as much as you can. Keep your partner up to date about what’s happening in your life; share little, trivial details about your everyday experiences with them.

Spice things up by sending pictures, videos and audio clips from time to time. Paying attention to each other in these ways will make of you feel loved and cherished. However, there is a catch; don’t over do it. Talking and chatting all the time is a step beyond regular communication; you really don’t need to compensate for the distance by being on the phone all the time. Doing this will eventually make one or both you feel choked.

You’ll want to keep teasing the right moments to keep each other wanting more and not wear yourselves out with too much.

Give Gifts

Being so far away from each other makes gifts even so much more special. It doesn’t have to be anything grand or expensive. Always present objects to serve as mementos for when you visit or when celebrating special occasions. Gifts like that can produce fond and powerful memories that help your relationship.

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