#LifeStyle: Ladies, 7 Things Guys Notice Instantly About You

There is no secret that usually men are attracted by a lady?s physical appearance. Obviously, each guy has his own sense of taste. But at a first glance they put some extra attention on these 7 things.

1.Your shape. Of course a guy looks at your shape and curves. Probably he will not be trying to hide this fact as well.

2. Your attitude. Men love women who have nice and healthy self-esteem. They keep in mind how the ladies pose. Your confidence is a great plus. As well as the ability to look straight into his eyes.

3. Your smile. All men subconsciously are attracted to some certain types of smiles. It is like a lottery.

4. Your friends. Your surrounding can tell a lot. Of course a guy will be checking out on whom you hang out with. If you are not alone on your first meeting with him.

5. Your hair. Some psychologists say that men notice your hair before noticing what you are wearing. So your hair should look well and smell well.

6. Your makeup. It is better for it to be looking natural. Or simple and light.

7. Your? bag. Yes, probably he will look at your purse. Some researches showed that guys don?t like girls with big bags. So, in this case, bigger is not better.

So, dear ladies, you will never know where you will meet your significant one. So whether you are going to supermarket to buy some food or going out with your best friends: try to look nicely and smile. Your ?the one? is waiting for you somewhere near!