#LifeStyle: Guys, 10 Things She Needs From You

Believers Couple

1. Be honest, even when you don?t want to.

Honesty is hard, especially when we?re afraid that our relationship is in jeopardy. If you can establish complete honesty, you can get through the situations that would typically end most relationships.

2. Open up about your feelings.

It?s hard for us as men to open up and express what we?re feeling. There is a stereotype that it?s not ??manly.? It is, however, vital to our relationships. Open up and let someone else in.

3. Continue to improve yourself.

One important way to feel good is to continue to improve yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you are a more confident man. Confidence is sexy. Continue to be the best version of yourself.

4. Commit to a healthy s*x life.

s*x is an important part of every marital relationship?note the word ?marital?. If you can commit to getting in touch with how you feel and what turns you on, you will be a better lover. It will benefit your relationship in ways you may not have anticipated.

5. Do work that matters.

We spend 40 plus hours in some form of work. That time affects every other area of our life. If you are doing work that doesn?t fulfill you, it will depress and stress you out. You can find or create work you love, even in today?s economy.

6. Live instead of exist.

Truly living doesn?t mean you head to Spain and run with the bulls. It means you commit to never settling in your life. It means that you do whatever it takes to live your dream life.

7. Live each day fully present.

No man is guaranteed a moment past right now. We can?t live our life for the future; we have to live each day fully present. We have to be in each moment and fully living it.

8. Show physical affection.

Hugging, kissing, and touching are an important part of keeping a healthy relationship. If we love that person, we should want to feel that love in a physical way. Keep your relationship steamy with small displays of physical affection.

9. Control your anger.

It?s hard not to reaction at that moment and with a visible outburst. However, a lack of control could put you in a situation you?ll regret. If you love them, do what you can to control your anger.

10. Treat every day like you?re still in the honeymoon phase.

The honeymoon phase in your relationship may be over, but it doesn?t mean you can?t act as if it weren?t. Wake up every day and treat the person you love as if it were the first time you realized it.

Love is not a feeling. It?s a decision. You have to wake up every day and choose to love the person you made a commitment to. Your feelings will come and go, but you control the choices and decisions you make.

Culled from The Good Men Project.