#LifeStyle: 6 Tips To Getting Through A Breakup

Breakup is one of the most difficult thing to get through, the following tips will help you heal and mend your broken heart.

Talk to someone about how you feel

You have lots of feelings are all jammed up inside you, so you have to let it all out. Talk to your friends, family, maybe a therapist, this will make you feel better. You can also keep a journal, there are so many emotions involved in a breakup and if you keep them bottled up it can hurt you, write how and what you are feeling.

Take your time

Take a break from everything that stress your mind, you need your ?you time? gather your strength since you are not ?superwoman? heal every part of you, take time to regroup, re-energize, and re-boost because you will need to get back out there you know? *winks*.


Know that its OK to cry, allow yourself mourn the loss of a relationship, after all you are a woman. Don?t be in denial, admit that you are hurt, cry, get angry. But its just for a little while.

Take good care of your body

After a breakup all you want to do is cry and eat, when you start eating bad, your diet gets worse and you gain unwanted pounds, so do not take refuge in bad foods, eat good food and healthy diet. Avoid mindless eat, exercise and rest.

Get a positive distraction

Give yourself a reason to want to get up every morning, have a reason to want to move on, do the stuffs you enjoy or love, like Running, Strolling, Travelling, Shopping. Just get out there again.

Take all the time you need.

Remember not rush into another relationship just because you are lonely and he is available.

Nobody said its going to be easy, but you will heal.