#LifeStyle: 5 Ways To Know He Is Serious About You

It is really difficult to differentiate between a guy that really loves you and a guy who is pretending to, the following tips will help you figure it out.
  1. He involves you in his life activities and most things he does ? yes! Every serious man does that when he wabts more than a mere relationship. He tells you his activities, schedules and future plans. He does not suddenly disappear for days and reappear with fairy stories. You always know his whereabouts because you care. He will tell you all that if he values you
  2. He seeks for and respects your opinion ? a man that is serious with in a relationship will always seek for your advice because he values your opinion. He respects your opinion on matters because he knows it will benefit you both. He regards you as a person of value. If he respects your opinion, then he is serious or wants something serious with you.
  3. He takes you to his family and parents ? some serious minded men only take women they consider as important part of their lives or someone they want to marry to their parents and family members. When a man is not serious with you, he will not want to take it to a higher level because he wouldn?t want you to know his family. But, not all men who take you the their family are serious. Some sly ones will do that and yet run later.
  4. He is always eager to peer into your family life, people and everything about you ? a serious minded man in a relationship will always want to know more about you. He will ask questions about you, your life, family and people. If he is serious with you, he will like to know beyond the ordinary.
  5. He cares about you and loves you not just by words but action ? yes. To know a serious man, he walks the talk. His words are proved with action. All the things he does will show if he loves and is serious with you.