Ladies: 20 Things You Should do with your man before getting pregnant

Ladies: 20 Things to do with your man before getting pregnant

Ladies: 20 Things to do with your man before getting pregnant

After marriage, the next thing is for the couples to start having what is called;baby fever, which hits couples as a ton of bricks. Every baby they come across, every friend that got pregnant, every tiny piece of human clothing would make them want a tiny and cute little baby of their own.

Then after few months later their wish will finally come true.

Hindsight being 20/20, it probably would have been nice to wait a little longer before getting pregnant, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But for those of you also suffering from this baby craze, my advice is to savor the time you have with just you and your husband; before that adorable bundle of joy overtakes both of your lives.

Below are 20 suggestions of things you should do before you get pregnant, and when you are feeling completely huge and have swollen ankles, you will be grateful you did.

1. Have intimate time

This is something that is extremely important to do before the changes to your body and mind that come with pregnancy. Have intimate alone time with your husband where you can connect and feel love for each other. Plus this is the way you make babies in the first place.

2. Do that one thing that your husband loves to do

Does your husband love to camp? Or go to baseball games? Hike? Or see a good play?

Whatever he likes to do now is the time to treat him and go and do it.

3. Go out dancing

Connect with each other and the beat by going out and busting a move.

4. Go out and try new restaurants

All of those places that you and your husband have been dying to try? Go and eat at them. Not only will you most likely be so nauseous that the sight of food will literally make you vomit, but most likely your budget will be a lot tighter because you are saving up for all the required accessories that a baby needs.

5. Treat yourselves

Those heels you’ve been eying? Treat yourself. That beautiful form-fitting dress? Treat yourself. The focus of all your time and energy is bound to turn towards a certain little one, so now is the time for both you and your husband to have a little fun and get the things that you want.

6. Take a long drive

This is another simple activity that can become extremely difficult while pregnant. Grab your husband and go on a long drive to the beautiful countryside or to the middle of nowhere just because you want to.

7. Read a non-parenting book together

It is always a good idea to study up, especially before a big life event like getting pregnant. But for now, have a little fun and read a book with your husband that has little to do with parenting and babies.

8. Go to a concert or festival

Years of baby Einstein and kiddy pop await you, so if music is a big part of you and your husband’s life, go and enjoy a great concert put on by your favorite band, or go and enjoy a fun music festival. Your chances of rocking out when your 8 months pregnant are pretty slim.

9. Build a fort

Why not act like a kid before having one?

Playing with your husband is an important thing to do before getting pregnant.

10. Have an all-night Netflix binge session

Sometimes the best thing you can do together is sit and binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. Why not make it an all-nighter?

Stay up from dusk till dawn with your hubby eating your favorite candies and watching your favorite shows.

11. Catch those z’s

Sleep is something that becomes practically non-existent during pregnancy and after baby comes, so take advantage of the time you have to sleep all you can. Have lazy days with your husband where you sleep in until noon. Stay up late and wake up late. Basically enjoy this necessity, which will soon become a luxury.

12. Have a picnic

When just going to the grocery store will take about 45 minutes of preparation with a little one, take advantage of being able to do spur of the moment things and have a little picnic outside.

13. Visit your favorite theme-park

Once again, acting like a child before you have children is extremely recommended, and what better place to do that then at each of your favorite theme parks?

Ride the rides, eat cotton candy, and make yourselves woozy from doing the loop too many times.

14. Have breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?

On one of the aforementioned days where you take advantage of sleeping in, have something yummy to wake up to.

15. Get healthy

Bad habits die hard, so now is the time to start creating those good habits such as healthy eating and living that will be important when trying to get pregnant and also while raising your little one.

16. Go on a bike-ride

Pregnant lady on a bike?

While this might be funny to picture, it’s probably not recommended, so make sure to go on a couple casual rides with your husband before getting prego.

17. Plan a baby moon

Even when you do get pregnant doing something like a baby moon right before baby comes will not only be extremely fun, but it might be the exact type of relaxation you need before your world is filled with formula and dirty diapers.

18. Go to the movies

This may seem pretty mundane, but honestly it can become super hard when you become pregnant and can’t sit in the same position for more than ten minutes and have to pee equally as often. So go and see as many movies as you can, and enjoy the silence and fun of doing something you both enjoy.

19. Go out with your girlfriends

Not only will time for your hubby lessen when pregnancy and baby comes, but also for your close friends. So take some time beforehand to have more than a few ladies nights, or even plan a girlfriend trip of some kind.

20. Have a fancy dinner party with friends

Nothing says fancy better than a dinner party, and no dinner party is complete without good friends. Gather all your friends together for good food and fun while you still have the time to do it.