Important Information On A Corneal Abrasion


– What is corneal abrasion?

– What are the symptoms that come with a corneal abrasion?

Are you wondering what a cornea is? The cornea is the transparent layer making up the outermost front part of the eye, it covers the iris, pupil as well as the interior chamber of the eye. So, when you hear cornea, think of the eyes.

The cornea plays an important role in vision, it helps us focus even as light enters the eyes. One will be right to refer to the cornea as the protective layer of the eyes.

Since abrasion refers to the act of wearing off, rubbing off or wearing away by friction, a corneal abrasion is simply an abrasion pertaining to the eyes.

Considering the importance of the cornea, when an abrasion occurs, it can impede one’s vision or one’s ability to see clearly.

Also, this corneal abrasion can happen even when one is not expecting it. For instance, it can be as a result of poking your eyes, having sands or pecks of dirt under your eyelid. An eye injury can even cause it to occur.

Furthermore, corneal abrasions are often superficial scratches on the cornea. There are causes or risk factors for an abrasion on the cornea, they include the following;

1. When sand, dust, and specks of dirt are under the eyes, corneal abrasion can occur.

Causes of corneal abrasions.

2. Also, when a metal particle an edge of a piece of paper, needle, pins, come in contact with the eyes, corneal abrasion can occur.
3. You can also accidentally poke the eyes, this will cause an abrasion.
4. Eye injury, sports injuries in the eye are causes.
5. Improperly fitted or ill-maintained contact lenses can also cause a corneal abrasion.
6. Also, when chemicals get in contact the eyes, corneal abrasion can occur.

The common symptoms of corneal abrasion include the following;

  • Pain and discomfort in the eyes.
  • Redness of the eyes.
  • A huge sensitivity to light is also a symptom.
  • Headaches can also occur.
  • Blurry vision.

Also, when you suffer corneal abrasions, you might not be able to account for how it happened but you should see a doctor. Also, most corneal abrasions go within two to three days.