Do You Experience Angular cheilitis? Here Are The Ways Out


– What you should know about angular cheilitis.

– The causes and symptoms of this condition.

When you hear angular cheilitis, this might sound strange to you but in the real sense, it is not. First, let’s know what an angular mean before we consider cheilitis, then you will discover that this condition is not difficult to understand at all.

An angular refers to angles that form the sharp corner of a thing. For instance, if you take a look at the human eyes, you will discover that there is a sharp corner at the angle of the eyes, we can classify this as an angular. Also, take a look at the human lips, there is a sharp corner there.

Cheilitis on the other hand simply means an inflammation of the lips. Therefore, when we talk of angular cheilitis, it refers to an inflammation of the lips, but in this case, it is an inflammation of the corner of the lips.

Causes of cheilitis.

This condition is one which involves a corner or both corners of the mouth being swollen or inflamed and sore. The mouth lining and the mouth corners will inflame when this condition plagues a person.

This condition is not serious or life-threatening but it can be embarrassing when it occurs.

The major causes of this condition include the following;

1. The most common cause of angular cheilitis is a yeast infection which is as a result of saliva. Yeasts such as Candida are always present in the saliva and they can cause it.
2. Bacteria in the corners of the mouth can also cause it.

Angular cheilitis.

3. The deficiency of vitamins or essential minerals in the body can also cause it.
4. Also, ulcerative colitis is a cause.
5. Diabetes is a risk factor.
6. Also, the use of certain medications can cause this condition.
7. A frequent use of corticosteroids or antibiotics.
8. Inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease.

The common symptoms of this condition include the swelling of the mouth, sore lips, redness of the areas surrounding the mouth as well as an itchy mouth.

To treat this condition, you can make use of a moisturizing cosmetic such as vaseline. The use of antifungal cream and anti-bacterial cream is also effective.