How To Raise Your Daughter To Be Decent In This Perverse World

How To Raise Your Daughter To Be Decent In This Perverse World
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Be their perfect role model: Parents are their children’s number one role model but unfortunately, too many parents lay a bad example when they least suspect.

If a parent can’t lay a good example of a morally-upright person in every possible aspect of life and be seen to be doing what is right all the time, it would be most difficult to teach s*xual morality.

Though no one is perfect, any parent who wants to raise a decent child must be very conscious of what he/she does in the presence of the child. A lot of parents have at one time or the other encouraged their children to tell a lie. What you consider a normal thing goes a long way in determining your child’s attitude to moral uprightness.

Your daughters are watching you carefully for clues about how to be; they are also listening to you.
The way you speak, what you speak about, and the opinions you express will influence their values. And the habits that children develop at an early age tend to stick with them as they grow older.

Since bad habits are tough to break, one of the best things you can do for your children, from day one, is to model behaviour which positively shapes their character and values, and equips them to live responsible, productive lives. The sooner, the better; the more consistent, the better.