Heart Problem, Eye Problems, Infertility & More: See Shocking Health Hazards of Mobile Phones

Heart Problem, Eye Problems, Infertility & More: See Shocking Health Hazards of Mobile Phones
Heart Problem, Eye Problems, Infertility & More: See Shocking Health Hazards of Mobile Phones

1. Heart problems

Radiation from cell phones is not only associated with cancer but also with chronic diseases like heart problems. According to a study published in the European Journal of Oncology, radiations emitted by cordless phones, including mobiles, contribute to abnormalities in heart function. Results reported that radiation causes the red blood cells to seep haemoglobin and lead to heart complications.

2. Infertility

Beware men! Your phone can even make you infertile. As of now, there’s enough evidence to show that mobile phone radiation decreases sperm count in male rats. To identify whether the same holds true in humans, Wdowiak and colleagues carried out a research, which revealed that the group of men who used mobile phones had a decreased sperm cell count in their semen, leading to infertility.

3. Hearing impairment

Today, every alternate person on the street has earphones plugged in. But that’s not the only reason why hearing loss is increasing in youths and adults. Your mobile radiation is an additional factor that’s making you deaf. Studies report that long-term exposure to electromagnetic field from cell phones contributes to reducing hearing function. A study by Oktay and Dasdag showed that people who spent approximately two hours on phone calls every day were at a higher risk of impaired hearing compared to moderate users who spent 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Eye problems

A lot of people use their mobiles to read e-books; do web surfing, etc. apart from texting. When you do so, the glaring screen and small font size put a lot of strain on your eyes, especially if you’re reading in the dark. Mobile devices have smaller screens so you tend to squint or open up your eyes wide and blink lesser number of times. This can cause dry eyes, irritation and reddening.

5. Skin allergies

Most mobile phones have a typical metallic sheen to make them look more attractive. Such phones contain potential skin allergens like nickel, chromium and cobalt, which cause cell phone dermatitis. A study by Marcella Aquino and colleagues tested 72 cell phones for the presence of nickel and cobalt. According to the results, about 29.4 per cent of Blackberry models were tested positive for nickel, 90.5 per cent of flip phones were positive for nickel and about 52 per cent of flip phones had cobalt.

6. Infections

Avoid using your cell phones in the toilet. Cell phones not only serve as a home for your valuable data but also carry millions of infectious organisms. A study found that mobile devices are highly contaminated with organisms from faecal origin. They are a niche for several germs like E.coli (known to cause vomiting and diarrhoea) and Staphylococcus aureus (known to cause skin infections).

7. Stress

The general desperate nature of people to be available 24/7 on their mobiles is responsible for their increasing stress levels.

Note: Keep the cell phone out of your bedroom and relaxing areas. Turn it off when sleeping.

Symptoms of being made unwell by the use of your cell phone can include dizziness, slight confusion, feeling dazed, and a sensation running down your face from your ear to your neck.

Listen to your body; if you suspect a connection between feeling out of balance or even unwell after using a cell phone, take control by implementing a number of the suggestions above to limit your RF exposure.

Avoid living near cell phone transmitter towers because they cause a lot of harm to health.

Source: www.thehealthsite.com