LifeStyle: Why You Must Stop Wearing Tight Jeans

Health Risk Behind Wearing Tight Jeans
Health Risk Behind Wearing Tight Jeans

Doctors had given obvious and noticeable warning towards putting on of tight jean. The warning was declared after treating a 35 year old Australian woman who was trapped in her jeans and passed out on the side of the street.

Dr. Thomas Kimber, the associate Professor of the University of Adelaide in South Australia, gave a notes in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry that the hours of squatting and kneeling caused her calves to balloon in size, eventually leaving her feet insensible and making it difficult to walk.

In the evening of that day, she experienced shock in her feet and found it difficult to walk which caused her to trip and fall. Alarmingly the woman was unable to get up and had to spend several hours lying on the ground before she was found.

Her trousers restricted blood supply to both calves even as she was squatting for a long period of time, and in response the muscles start to undergo stress and swell,” Dr Kimber wrote.

she was then admitted in Royal Adelaide Hospital, and her tight jeans was cut off by the doctors because her legs had swollen so much. The doctors were definitely surprised and shocked.

According to the doctors, they said “It was a surprise to us that someone could get such severe nerve and muscle damage from the activity she described. The clothing she was wearing was the critical factor,” she stressed.

The victim says tight pants with more elasticity wouldn’t be as dangerous since they don’t squeeze nerves and muscles quite as much. this was after spending four days in the hospital, the woman has recovered.

Initially the doctors believed, the side effects of wearing skinny jeans have been limited to injury of the thigh, and this was the most serious incident they had heard of.