GUYS: See how to make a lady trip for you on CHAT

GUYS: See how to make a lady trip for you on CHATGUYS: See how to make a lady trip for you on CHAT

Gosh, some guys can be so boring! You know ladies get turned off after spending the first few minutes with them because they feel they have nothing to offer. It is quite possible for you to have a hold on the ladies you meet and make them get addicted to you.

This only occur if you have a cool style and know how to chat women up. Now, no one is asking you to be petty; ladies do not like it when you drop lame lines all the time while you chat them up. Some also get irritated when you keep acting like you care by asking them if they have eaten and what they ate.

This generation has everything but patience; the ladies are not ready to waste time trying to discover how interesting you are. You have to be impulsive, adventurous and witty to get their attention in the first place. You also have to know the right things to say while chatting them up otherwise, your follow-up plan will be ruined.

Have you ever wondered why some girls remain glued to their phones and keep smiling at the screen? That is because they are enjoying the conversation they are having with whoever it is they are chatting with. This could be you; it is quite possible for you to make a girl stay glued to you by following the texting style guide that you would find here.

After this, you should never feel funny when it is time to chat with a woman. Find some of the texting style you could follow below:

1. Twist her words and tease her about wooing you

You can turn everything she says to a joke while you are chatting with her. She would find it weird at first but would get used to your style and start to enjoy your company.

You can tell her playfully when she changes display picture that you will not fall in love with her. Turn the table and assume the position she would take if a guy were to be wooing her.

You may beat around the bush for a while while teasing her. This would work for ladies anytime because they do not meet men like that every time.GUYS: See how to make a lady trip for you on CHAT

2. Do not overdo these things

Too much of everything is bad; be sure not to overdo the things listed in this texting style guide. Once in a while, you can go back to having a regular conversation with her like every other guy.

This is to let her know you could be serious minded too; you should not strike her as a clown. Be sure that you have gotten a green light from the girl otherwise the response you would get from her would suggest you need help.

3. You have to learn to read mood from the responses you get

As much as you are trying to strike her as a guy that is witty and interesting, you have to learn to read her mood.

This would help you to change your line of approach in case you are starting to bore her. Doing this should not be tough because her response would give you the push you need to activate your next line of action.



4. In order to make her hold her phone more, be witty and fun

You do not want to strike her as some boring guy who is lost and looking for someone to infect with boredom. While texting and chatting her up, you have to be fun and witty.

Get crazy and give her something to hold on to while you are away charging your phone. Share past experiences and embarrassing moments with her; the beautiful thing about relating embarrassing moments is that they are always funny.

5. Do not put her on edge while chatting with her
GUYS: See how to make a lady trip for you on CHATWomen are very sensitive; the moment you start texting them and chatting them up, they expect you to press for a relationship immediately.

Do not be predictable; tease her about the boy she is tripping for (there has to be a boy somewhere). You can go on to tell her you are a limited edition; tell her to date you while you are available now.

Then you can tell her you are going to divorce her if she goes away for a long time. She would find you warm and interesting.

6. Avoid rushing her with questions

If you are inquisitive and eager to know everything about the girl you have just met, you need to take a chill pill. Girls find it boring when you string them with series of questions; they become edgy and would be sensitive to you and your questions.

This is because you are making them feel like they are being interrogated instead. It is lame when you chat with a woman and send her questions like ‘how are you?‘ ‘Did you go out today?‘ ‘Who was with you?‘ ‘When did you get back?‘ You have to slow down a bit.