Foods That Enhance Better Eyesight

Better sight

Better eyesight

– Diets that are good for the eyes.

– Foods to eat to improve your eyesight.

The eyes are very vital parts of the human body. The eyes serve certain essential functions that are important.

It is the eyes that give us vision, we see with our eyes. if anything goes wrong with the eyes, then one will find it difficult to see.

There are certain food categories that are good for the sight and this is because of the essential nutrients in them that are vital for the eyes.

Foods that we should eat to enhance a better eyesight include:

1. Vitamin laden foods.
The eyes need many types of antioxidants to stay healthy. This is why it is important to eat foods that contain vitamin A, C, E. Examples of such foods include almonds, peanuts and other some other seeds and nuts.

2. Foods that contain fatty acids and omega 3.
This category of food is also beneficial to one’s sight. Eat a lot of fatty fish; Salmond, tuna, trout, etc are fatty fishes that are good for the eyes.

Eat a balanced diet.

These fatty fishes also contain omega-3 and are beneficial to the eyes.

3. Eat lots of fruits and Vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables also play important roles in the achievement of a better sight. Citrus fruits like oranges are good. Fruits and vegetables are storehouses of minerals and vitamins that benefit not only the sight but also the overall health.

Consume lots of leafy vegetables, let them be parts of your diet. Carrots and other vegetables promote eye health.

4. Eggs
Eating eggs is also good for the eyes. Egg yolks are also prime sources of lutein and zeaxanthin and zinc. They help to reduce macular degeneration risk. Egg yolk also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin A safeguards the cornea.

5. Dairy products

When we take dairy products such as milk and yogurt, they help in promoting the eyes. They are good sources of mineral zinc and vitamin A.for the eyes. Dairy products contain vitamin A as well as the mineral zinc. They also help in the prevention of cataracts and enhance better sight.

Also, to promote the eyes, there is the need to desist from activities that strain the eyes and we should also quit smoking.