Eye Discharge; Causes And Treatment

– What are the causes of eye discharge?

– What are the effective ways of treating eye discharge?

Eye discharge is what people also refer to as eye mucus. It is the combination of mucus, oil, skin cells and other debris that accumulates in the corner of your eye while you sleep.

We often mucus in the eye when we wake from the bed, it is rare for it to occur when we are undergoing our daily activities. Also, it can be wet and sticky or dry and crusty, depending on how much of mucus we have in the eye.

However, eye discharge has been proved to be removing waste products and potentially harmful debris from the tear ducts, hence, keeping the eyes safe.

There are no many causes for this discharge. The causes include;

1. The accumulation of oil, debris, and mucus while sleeping is the primary cause.

2. Contact lenses can also be a cause. When you wear old or dirty contact lenses, they can increase mucus production. These contact lenses also restrict oxygen to the eyes, contributing to eye dryness.

3. Exposure of the eyes to chemicals can also bring about mucus in the eyes.

4. Eye infection is also another cause.

5. Dry eyes and allergic reactions can also lead to the production of mucus in the eyes.

There are symptoms that accompany eye discharge, they include;

  • Blurry sight or vision.
  • Problems with the cornea.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Dry, itchy eyes.
  • Inability to open eyelids in the morning.
  • Sensitivity to light, etc.

Treatments for this eye condition include;

1. Frequent blinking of the eyes helps in preventing the mucus from accumulating.

2. Avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands.

Treatment for eye discharge.

3. The use of oral antibiotics or antibiotic eye drops to reduce the symptoms are also effective.

4. Avoid allergens.

5. Remove your eye contacts and also ensure that you clean them properly.

Eye discharge is nothing to fidget about, it has some benefits. It has a protective function because it helps in removing waste products and potentially harmful debris from the tear film and the eyes.