The Dark Sides Of A Headset

A Headset

– Dangers of a headset.

– Side effects of using an earpiece or a headset

When it comes to listening to music, watching videos or even receiving calls, headset plays important roles. In fact, some people cannot listen to music without their earpiece. It is believed that using this device makes you enjoy whatever you are listening to or watching more.

A headset is a pair of headphones or earphones that are useful for amplifying sounds. It is an electronic device that we wear on the head.

Headsets are also a useful hands-free gadget for people who frequently speak on the phone, It brings about ease in receiving calls.

However, despite the usefulness of headsets, there are detrimental health conditions that can emerge from the use of headsets.

Effects of headsets.

It is important to know the harmful effects that may be linked to them and how to properly maintain headsets to minimize certain health risks.
Improper use of a headset can put your health at risk. Some of the dangers of using a headset include;

1. Hearing Risks
One of the risks attributed to headsets usage is a premature hearing loss. Whenever a speaker or an amplifier projects sound directly into the ear, ear damage can occur.

Also, the excess noise traveling into your ear cause an acoustic shock injury. This can lead to inner damage which can in turn cause ear damage, hearing loss and other ear related issues.

This is why it is advisable that the users of headsets take breaks of a few minutes every half hour to prevent fatigue of the auditory system.

A headset

2. Pathogenic microorganisms

Germs are pathogenic microorganisms thrive in headsets. These germs can as well move into the ears and this will cause great damage to the ear. Clean your headset regularly with disinfectants, to be free of germs.

3. Disturbance and distraction.

The use of a headset can also cause distraction especially when driving. Some people get carried away while on a headset and this is harmful as it can cause accidents.

4. Radiation.

The amount of radiation that this device emits is harmful. Some headsets emit more than while some emit less than the necessary radiation. A normal amount of radiation needed by the ear is not more than 1.6 watt per kilogram.

5. Strain in the vocal cords

This is also another risk of a headset. When the person using headset is continuously talking throughout the day, this leads to vocal strains.