Dangers Eating Foods With Large Amounts Of Oil


– Effects of taking excess oil.

– Why you should not eat foods that contain too much of oil.

Fat and oil happen to be one of the six classes of foods that we have, it is a class of food that has specific nutritional values it gives the body.

Your diet plays a major role in determining how healthy you will be, that is, whether you will be at health risks or you will stay healthy rest on the types of food you eat.

Although staying healthy goes beyond what we eat alone, other aspects of life such as physical activity, type of work we exert our energy in, the exercises we do, among others also have roles they play in the overall health.

Oil is essential to the health and it has certain healthy contributions to the body. If the body lacks oil, then certain health issues will develop.

Also, there is a proportion of oil that our bodies require, anything above that will expose the body to health dangers.

There are dangers attached to eating foods that contain large amounts of oil. Consuming too much of anything unhealthy makes us prone to diseases and some health challenges.

Here are some of the dangers attached to eating food items that contain large amount of oil;

1. Mental decline

Excess consumption of fats and oil worsens the overall memory and cognition. eat good unsaturated fats that protect against mental malfunction.

Dangers of excess oil.

2. Weight gain

When it comes to eating saturated fats, weight gain accompanies it. Too many fats and oils in your diet can lead to obesity.

3. Intake of an excess amount of oil can also expose an individual to heart diseases.

4. It also predisposes an individual to develop cancer.

It is important to watch our oil intake. Do not take more or less than the required proportion.