Causes And Treatments For Tooth Decay


– Some facts that you should know about tooth decay.

– The causes of tooth decayTooth Decay and symptoms.

A tooth is a hard structure that is present in the mouth of human beings and animals. The teeth alongside other parts make up the dental setup of humans.

When a tooth is suffering from decay, it is in a condition of deterioration or it is being decomposed. During this process, the tooth will be growing worse healthwise, that is, it will be decaying.

We can also refer to tooth decay as a cavity. This condition occurs when there is the production of acid by the bacteria living in the mouth.

The acid that the bacteria produce begins to eat away the teeth, then cavities will occur.

Also, decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates are between teeth and are not completely removed by brushing and flossing.

As important as body health is, so is dental health. Cultivating a good oral care is very important.

The enamel is the hard and protective layer that covers or protects the teeth. When the enamel is weakened by acids that bacteria produce, cavity or tooth decay will occur.

Decay also involves the softening of enamel.

Tooth decay can cause pain to the sufferer. Also, when the bacteria eats deeper to the layers of the teeth, it can lead to the damage of the enamel.

Also, if one does not treat the decay in good time, it can lead to other infections and some other serious dental problems.

Causes of tooth decay include the following;

1. Poor dental care is the major cause of tooth decay. Inability to take proper care of the teeth can cause bacteria to eat up the teeth.

Causes of tooth decay.

Not brushing or flossing the teeth can cause the decay.

2. Poor nutrition can also lead to the decaying of the teeth.

3. The intake of acidic foods and drinks, as well as sugary foods, is also a cause.

4. Age and genetics are also causes.

5. Enamel issues or deep tooth cervices can also lead to a cavity.

It is important that you visit a dentist regularly to prevent cavity or to treat it.