Being A Better Man And Choosing A Role Model (Must Read)

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Knowing how to be a better man can be the difference between a chick magnet and a guy who’s always overlooked. But becoming a better man, especially when it comes to wooing women isn’t easy. You try hard, work your social skills and women still seem to pick someone else over you. Ever been there? Join the club. Poets and writers through the ages have tried understanding women, so have people like you and me, but to no avail. And coming to think of it, perhaps that’s why we love women so much. Add complicated to the list, along with a pretty face, good assets, a cheerful voice, a flirty laugh and a bit more and you get the idea of the perfect woman.

How to be a better man

Here’s the confusion that most men face. You may think you have a great personality and a lot of humor and pizzazz, but yet there’s obviously something lacking there. Or why wouldn’t you be swarmed by women all the time?

Thomas Jefferson had mentioned something along the lines of “…all men are created equal…” along with other intellectually accentuated over-the-top lines, which are great and all that, but is that really the case? Are we all ever equal, at least when it comes to dating women?

We may have come a long way since the declaration of independence, but these days all men are not equal. They are merely a part of a food chain, minus the chomping.

Men at every level want to be one up, in everything they do. But how do we know where’s the top? The biggie, the Alpha dawg!

The alpha male of relationships

All men want to be the alpha male who gets all the women, but to get there without having to experiment is hard. So the next best thing most men do is trying to fit into the mould of the idea of the perfect man. A guy with a sense of humor, pretty decent looks for an average looking guy, sex god looks for the good looking ones, a good job, a flashy car and all the works. But then, there are so many of them in this league that women just want more!

So, for you to get straight to the top of the food chain of men, you need to become someone else who’s even better than you. For starters, women don’t necessarily like one stereotype when it comes to men. Women like different types of men, who stand out of the crowd like a shiny penny.

Becoming a better man with a role model

What’s a role model? Well, blatantly put, he’s that guy who can do things that you can’t ever dream of doing in all your nine lives! I remember one time years ago when I was at a movie theater watching Jerry Maguire. And then there came this part that I would never forget for the rest of my life. The part where Tom Cruise walks up to Renée Zellweger, and tells her with his big watery eyes that she… completes…. him!

Aah! In one instant, the hall was engulfed by a watery salty sea breeze and all I could hear around me was sniffs and snorts. Tissue wipes were pulled out of dainty lady bags all around me and mascara stained faces were being rubbed pink. And there I was in the midst of an emotional crisis. And that’s when I imagined myself running to the movie screen with my pants unzipped, yelling “what’s he got that I ain’t got?!”

But I didn’t. Let’s face it, any guy who can get women all around the world welling up and creating new salt lakes has got to be some super dude. I wanted to be him. At that moment, I just knew. Jerry Maguire was a freakin’ role model!

Jerry Maguire may have had his flaws, but he was a man who knew how to charm women and every else around him. If I could pick a few pointers from him, I could become someone like him.

Picking your role model

Picking a role model isn’t easy business. It isn’t like watching a pretty girl and falling for her. Your role model has to lead your life, or at least something along the same lines. You can’t really be a corporate geek and have Kurt Cobain as your role model. Then you’d just be creepy.

If you want to know how to be a better man by using a role model, pick someone who you can look up to, and make sure they live the life you aspire to have, at least in some way or the other. Donald Trump, Richard Branson, and the late Steve Jobs are really cool guys in the corporate world. When it comes to wooing women and looking smooth at the same time, we have great guys like George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith and a lot more. See anyone you like? You’d know someone is your role model when you watch a movie or an interview and instantly, without actually realizing it, find yourself saying “I wish I was this guy!”

The more the role models, the better you can become

Now you really don’t have to be picky. Get greedy and hoard up as many role models as you want. To each his own. I have several role models too.

Each character in the world or in the movies has something that’s nice and something that may be not-so-nice. Make that perfect character that you’d want to be, and try and be that person. Want to be a cool player like Daniel Ocean in the Ocean series, a hard ball like Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman, and a smooth tough guy like Detective Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys II?

Well, you can be all of that. That’s the best part of having role models.

Why should you use role models?

Let’s face it, you can read a lot of self improvement books, but can they all really help you? The facts may be informative, but your ego may never let you admit that you suck when it comes to impressing women. If you want to know how to be a better man, you need to take chances and learn from others. And what better way than to learn from someone who inspires you, be it a fictional character or a real life hero.

It’s easier to watch and learn from an inspiration, and be a better man yourself. It’s never easy to pick flaws in yourself. And it’s frustrating each time you hear a girl say something like, “I’m sorry, I just can’t feel that spark with you!”

It feels even worse because you’d never be able to find the flaws yourself, either because you think you’re already perfect or because you’re too thick to see that you’re not that perfect after all. So instead, just refine yourself to become someone you know all women would kill to have.

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